[ovs-dev] VLAN TCI and PCP values are not correct for priority tagged flow

tech_kals Kals tech.kals at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 09:08:57 UTC 2015

Hi experts,

  When configuring a flow for handling priority tagged flow from
controller, am observing VLAN TCI and PCP is not proper in OVS-2.1.0.

The below test case i run:

1) configuring vlan id = 0, pcp = 3, inport = eth1, outport = eth2, ether
type=0 from OpenDayLight Controller.

When I try to read vlan tci from flow-rule, it gives as 0 so pcp is also
set 0.

is it a known issue ?

But, when I look at the code, vlan and pcp are properly set. Not sure why i
get into this misbehavior. Could someone shed some light on this ?

****VLAN TCI is proper when I set vlanid to some value (i.e. >0) and pcp.
But, for priority tagged packet, vlan id should be zero and pcp should be
configured to some value. *


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