[ovs-dev] [PATCH] netdev_dpdk.c: Add QoS functionality.

Daniele Di Proietto diproiettod at vmware.com
Fri Oct 9 17:52:36 UTC 2015


Thanks for the patch, the implementation looks simpler than I expected.

General questions:

* It appears that we're using the srCTM, but
  * We're only sending the green packets and dropping the rest.
  * The `input_color` is always green.

  * `other-config:ebs` is ignored (isn't it?). I would rather not put in
    database a value that is ignored.
  * The `us_policer_table` seems redundant
  * We just need two `us_policer_action`s, or perhaps just a boolean.

  Can we just call this a token bucket? Are there any good reasons not to?
  (Maybe you're planning to expand this, I'm not sure)

* Out of curiosity, are there plans to support different output queues?

* I did't experience any performance degradation when QoS is not
  but one can imagine that taking a spinlock might have some performance
  when multiple threads insist on the same NIC. Have you considered using
  for the `qos_conf` pointer? (I'm not saying that we absolutely should at
Minor style issues:

* Lines should be limited to 79 characters
* We use 4 spaces to indent, not tabs.

That said the code looks good, a couple of more comments inline



On 30/09/2015 13:45, "Ian Stokes" <ian.stokes at intel.com> wrote:

>This patch provides the modifications required in netdev-dpdk.c and
>vswitch.xml to allow for a DPDK user space QoS algorithm.
>This patch adds a QoS configuration structure for netdev-dpdk and
>expected QoS operations 'dpdk_qos_ops'. Various helper functions
>are also supplied.
>Also included are the modifications required for vswitch.xml to allow a
>new QoS implementation for netdev-dpdk devices. This includes a new QoS
>`us-policer` as well as its expected QoS table entries.
>The QoS functionality implemented for DPDK devices is `us-policer`.
>This is an egress policer used to drop packets at configurable rate.
>The INSTALL.DPDK.md guide has also been modified to provide an example
>configuration of `us-policer` QoS.
>Signed-off-by: Ian Stokes <ian.stokes at intel.com>
> INSTALL.DPDK.md      |   52 +++++++
> lib/netdev-dpdk.c    |  414
> vswitchd/vswitch.xml |   40 +++++
> 3 files changed, 500 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
>@@ -142,6 +145,122 @@ static int rte_eal_init_ret = ENODEV;
> static struct ovs_mutex dpdk_mutex = OVS_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
>+/* Quality of Service */
>+/* An instance of a QoS configuration.  Always associated with a
>+ * network device.
>+ *
>+ * Each QoS implementation subclasses this with whatever additional data
>+ * needs.
>+ */
>+struct qos_conf{

A space is needed before open brace

>+    const struct dpdk_qos_ops *ops;
>+/* A particular implementation of dpdk QoS operations.
>+ *
>+ * The functions below return 0 if successful or a positive errno value
>+ * failure, except where otherwise noted. All of them must be provided,
>+ * where otherwise noted.
>+ */
>+struct dpdk_qos_ops{

Same here

>@@ -1289,9 +1432,18 @@ netdev_dpdk_send__(struct netdev_dpdk *dev, int
>             }
>         }

Right before this, there is another call to dpdk_queue_pkts, that should
go through qos_alg_process as well. Have you considered adding a helper

>         if (next_tx_idx != cnt) {
>-           dpdk_queue_pkts(dev, qid,
>-                            (struct rte_mbuf **)&pkts[next_tx_idx],
>-                            cnt-next_tx_idx);
>+            cnt -= next_tx_idx;
>+            /* Check if QoS has been configured for this netdev. */
>+            rte_spinlock_lock(&dev->qos_lock);
>+            if (dev->qos_conf != NULL) {
>+                struct netdev *netdev = &dev->up;
>+                cnt = dev->qos_conf->ops->qos_alg_process(netdev,
>+                        (struct rte_mbuf**)pkts, cnt);
>+            }
>+            rte_spinlock_unlock(&dev->qos_lock);
>+            dpdk_queue_pkts(dev, qid, (struct rte_mbuf
>**)&pkts[next_tx_idx], cnt);
>         }
>         if (OVS_UNLIKELY(dropped)) {
>+    ovs_mutex_lock(&netdev->mutex);
>+    if(netdev->qos_conf){

A space is needed here

>+static inline int
>+__us_policer_pkt_handle(struct rte_meter_srtcm *meter, struct rte_mbuf
>*pkt, uint64_t time)

CodingStyle.md says:

  - Do not use names that begin with _.  If you need a name for
    "internal use only", use __ as a suffix instead of a prefix.

Unfortunately we have many exceptions, even in this file, but I would

prefer to have it changed

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