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Weglicki, MichalX michalx.weglicki at intel.com
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I did read this chapter quite carefully, however I have some additional questions. 

Did you mean, that I should use experimenter property type to send extended statistics? 

Because it seems that best option would be to add for example e.g. OFPPSPT_ RFC2819 to ofp_port_stats_prop_type along with proper C structures. However this would change OpenFlow protocol, so I guess I can't do it. 

So in simple words: 
Should I implement it exactly how it is currently done for ofputil_append_ofp14_port_stats (OF1.4) which contains Port statistics + ofp_port_stats_prop_ethernet, and append RFC2819 statistics at the end using Experimenter property type? 

Thank you in advance. 


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On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 09:04:54AM +0000, Weglicki, MichalX wrote:
> Hello, 
> "Wouldn't it make more sense to use the OF1.5 extensible port statistics
> feature?"
> [MW] To be honest I double checked the OF1.5 documentation, and did you mean "Extensible Flow Statistics - OXS"? 
> At least I can't find anything about Extensible port statistics. I've also checked the code, however I can't find 
> any generic way to implement it without protocol extension. If you meant, that this could be achieved by creating flow
> statistics extension, this is not exactly what my patch implements, which is port-based statistics. 
> Could you point me to any exact code/documentation if none of above answers are valid? 

Please see section, "Port Statistics", in OpenFlow 1.5.
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