[ovs-dev] OVN: V2 RFC add a new JSON-RPC selective monitoringmethod

Liran Schour LIRANS at il.ibm.com
Tue Oct 20 14:40:51 UTC 2015

"Zayats, Michael" <michael.zayats at hpe.com> wrote on 19/10/2015 01:42:29 
> >> Will OVSDB-server have to remember whether it synced this row for 
> >> each subscriber in order to send the right inserted/removed 
> >>
> >Ovsdb-server has to maintain the state for each replica and send 
> the right notifications for each client.
> Which is a state for each row, for each monitoring client... 
> and this state has to be maintained, when clients connect and 
> If we limit "where" clause to "insert" notifications and initial 
> "monitor" response only, 
> would it still serve OVN scalability needs appropriately?
> In that case, there is no need to track replica state of each client
> as row updates and row deletions
> would be sent anyway. Client should ignore row deletion if it 
> doesn't have it in the replica. 

That will miss the whole point. The idea was to reduce the number of 
messages from the server to the clients. (and also reduce the size of 
replicas in the clients)..

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