[ovs-dev] general question about synchronization in ovs

Jarno Rajahalme jarno at ovn.org
Thu Dec 15 21:00:34 UTC 2016

> On Dec 15, 2016, at 7:55 AM, Yuxin Ren <ryx at gwmail.gwu.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a beginner to OVS.
> I have some basic questions about OVS.
> Is it a multiple threads application?


> If so, what data structures are shared by multiple threads?

Most of them, e.g., flow tables, group tables, and most of the internal data structures.

> What synchronization technique is used to protect shared data structures?

Mutual exclusion locks, atomic variables, as well as RCU where reader performance is important.

You should take a look at lib/ovs-atomic*.h, lib/ovs-thread.h, and lib/ovs-rcu.h, and then see how these constructs are used in the code.



> Thanks a lot!!
> Yuxin
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