[ovs-dev] Hugepages allocation

Kapil Adhikesavalu kapil20084 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 11:07:06 UTC 2016


1. in INSTALL.DPDK.md, huge page size is recommended as 2MB pages. Earlier
i remember seeing some reference to use 1GB huge pages. is there any
noticeable performance improvement in using 1G hugepages vs 2M pages ?
2. is there a way to allocate 1G hugepages using sysctl. Default hugepage
size is 2M and i didn't find any way to modify it using sysctl. is grub
config the only way to allocate 1GB pages ?
3. Is there any difference in allocating huge pages run time vs
persistent(/etc/sysctl.d/hugepages.conf) ? will the hugepages allocated at
runtime will be fragmented or something?


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