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+      Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
+      not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
+      a copy of the License at
+          http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
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+How to Install Open vSwitch on Citrix XenServer
+This document describes how to build and install Open vSwitch on a Citrix
+XenServer host.  If you want to install Open vSwitch on a generic Linux or BSD
+host, see the `installation guide <INSTALL.rst>`__ instead.
+Open vSwitch should work with XenServer 5.6.100 and later.  However, Open
+vSwitch requires Python 2.7 or later, so using Open vSwitch with XenServer 6.5
+or earlier requires installing Python 2.7.
+You may build from an Open vSwitch distribution tarball or from an Open vSwitch
+Git tree.  The recommended build environment to build RPMs for Citrix XenServer
+is the DDK VM available from Citrix.
+1. If you are building from an Open vSwitch Git tree, then you will need to
+   first create a distribution tarball by running:::
+       $ ./boot.sh
+       $ ./configure
+       $ make dist
+   You cannot run this in the DDK VM, because it lacks tools that are necessary
+   to bootstrap the Open vSwitch distribution.  Instead, you must run this on a
+   machine that has the tools listed in the installation guide <INSTALL.rst>`__
+   as prerequisites for building from a Git tree.
+2. Copy the distribution tarball into ``/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES`` inside
+   the DDK VM.
+3. In the DDK VM, unpack the distribution tarball into a temporary directory
+   and "cd" into the root of the distribution tarball.
+4. To build Open vSwitch userspace, run:::
+       $ rpmbuild -bb xenserver/openvswitch-xen.spec
+   This produces three RPMs in ``/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386``:
+   - ``openvswitch``
+   - ``openvswitch-modules-xen``
+   - ``openvswitch-debuginfo``
+   The above command automatically runs the Open vSwitch unit tests.  To
+   disable the unit tests, run:::
+       $ rpmbuild -bb --without check xenserver/openvswitch-xen.spec
+Build Parameters
+``openvswitch-xen.spec`` needs to know a number of pieces of information about
+the XenServer kernel.  Usually, it can figure these out for itself, but if it
+does not do it correctly then you can specify them yourself as parameters to
+the build.  Thus, the final ``rpmbuild`` step above can be elaborated as:::
+    $ VERSION=<Open vSwitch version>
+    $ KERNEL_NAME=<Xen Kernel name>
+    $ KERNEL_VERSION=<Xen Kernel version>
+    $ KERNEL_FLAVOR=<Xen Kernel flavor(suffix)>
+    $ rpmbuild \
+         -D "openvswitch_version $VERSION" \
+         -D "kernel_name $KERNEL_NAME" \
+         -D "kernel_version $KERNEL_VERSION" \
+         -D "kernel_flavor $KERNEL_FLAVOR" \
+         -bb xenserver/openvswitch-xen.spec
+``<openvswitch version>``
+  is the version number that appears in the name of the Open vSwitch tarball,
+  e.g. 0.90.0.
+``<Xen Kernel name>``
+  is the name of the XenServer kernel package, e.g. ``kernel-xen`` or
+  ``kernel-NAME-xen``, without the ``kernel-`` prefix.
+``<Xen Kernel version>``
+  is the output of:::
+      $ rpm -q --queryformat "%{Version}-%{Release}" <kernel-devel-package>,
+  e.g. ````, where
+  ``<kernel-devel-package>`` is the name of the ``-devel`` package
+  corresponding to ``<Xen Kernel name>``.
+``<Xen Kernel flavor (suffix)>``
+  is either ``xen`` or ``kdump``, where ``xen`` flavor is the main running
+  kernel flavor and the ``kdump`` flavor is the crashdump kernel flavor.
+  Commonly, one would specify ``xen`` here.
+For XenServer 6.5 or above, the kernel version naming no longer contains
+KERNEL_FLAVOR.  In fact, only providing the ``uname -r`` output is enough.  So,
+the final ``rpmbuild`` step changes to:::
+    $ KERNEL_UNAME=<`uname -r` output>
+    $ rpmbuild \
+        -D "kenel_uname $KERNEL_UNAME" \
+        -bb xenserver/openvswitch-xen.spec
+Installing Open vSwitch for XenServer
+To install Open vSwitch on a XenServer host, or to upgrade to a newer version,
+copy the ``openvswitch`` and ``openvswitch-modules-xen`` RPMs to that host with
+``scp``, then install them with ``rpm -U``, e.g.:::
+    $ scp openvswitch-$VERSION-1.i386.rpm \
+        openvswitch-modules-xen-$XEN_KERNEL_VERSION-$VERSION-1.i386.rpm \
+        root@<host>:
+    # Enter <host>'s root password.
+    $ ssh root@<host>
+    # Enter <host>'s root password again.
+    $ rpm -U openvswitch-$VERSION-1.i386.rpm \
+        openvswitch-modules-xen-$XEN_KERNEL_VERSION-$VERSION-1.i386.rpm
+To uninstall Open vSwitch from a XenServer host, remove the packages:::
+    $ ssh root@<host>
+    # Enter <host>'s root password again.
+    $ rpm -e openvswitch openvswitch-modules-xen-$XEN_KERNEL_VERSION
+After installing or uninstalling Open vSwitch, the XenServer should be rebooted
+as soon as possible.
+Open vSwitch Boot Sequence on XenServer
+When Open vSwitch is installed on XenServer, its startup script
+``/etc/init.d/openvswitch`` runs early in boot.  It does roughly the following:
+* Loads the OVS kernel module, openvswitch.
+* Starts ovsdb-server, the OVS configuration database.
+* XenServer expects there to be no bridges configured at startup, but the OVS
+  configuration database likely still has bridges configured from before
+  reboot.  To match XenServer expectations, the startup script deletes all
+  configured bridges from the database.
+* Starts ovs-vswitchd, the OVS switching daemon.
+At this point in the boot process, then, there are no Open vSwitch bridges,
+even though all of the Open vSwitch daemons are running.  Later on in boot,
+``/etc/init.d/management-interface`` (part of XenServer, not Open vSwitch)
+creates the bridge for the XAPI management interface by invoking
+``/opt/xensource/libexec/interface-reconfigure``.  Normally this program
+consults XAPI's database to obtain information about how to configure the
+bridge, but XAPI is not running yet(\*) so it instead consults
+``/var/xapi/network.dbcache``, which is a cached copy of the most recent
+network configuration.
+(\*) Even if XAPI were running, if this XenServer node is a pool slave then the
+     query would have to consult the master, which requires network access,
+     which begs the question of how to configure the management interface.
+XAPI starts later on in the boot process.  XAPI can then create other bridges
+on demand using ``/opt/xensource/libexec/interface-reconfigure``.  Now that
+XAPI is running, that program consults XAPI directly instead of reading the
+As part of its own startup, XAPI invokes the Open vSwitch XAPI plugin script
+``/etc/xapi.d/openvswitch-cfg-update`` passing the ``update`` command.  The
+plugin script does roughly the following:
+* Calls ``/opt/xensource/libexec/interface-reconfigure`` with the ``rewrite``
+  command, to ensure that the network cache is up-to-date.
+* Queries the Open vSwitch manager setting (named ``vswitch_controller``) from
+  the XAPI database for the XenServer pool.
+* If XAPI and OVS are configured for different managers, or if OVS is
+  configured for a manager but XAPI is not, runs ``ovs-vsctl emer-reset`` to
+  bring the Open vSwitch configuration to a known state.  One effect of
+  emer-reset is to deconfigure any manager from the OVS database.
+* If XAPI is configured for a manager, configures the OVS manager to match with
+  ``ovs-vsctl set-manager``.
+* The Open vSwitch boot sequence only configures an OVS configuration database
+  manager.  There is no way to directly configure an OpenFlow controller on
+  XenServer and, as a consequence of the step above that deletes all of the
+  bridges at boot time, controller configuration only persists until XenServer
+  reboot.  The configuration database manager can, however, configure
+  controllers for bridges.  See the BUGS section of ovs-testcontroller(8) for
+  more information on this topic.
+* The Open vSwitch startup script automatically adds a firewall rule to allow
+  GRE traffic. This rule is needed for the XenServer feature called "Cross-Host
+  Internal Networks" (CHIN) that uses GRE. If a user configures tunnels other
+  than GRE (ex: Geneve, VXLAN, LISP), they will have to either manually add a
+  iptables firewall rule to allow the tunnel traffic or add it through a
+  startup script (Please refer to the "enable-protocol" command in the
+  ovs-ctl(8) manpage).
diff --git a/INSTALL.rst b/INSTALL.rst
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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ platform, refer to one of these installation guides:
 - `Debian <INSTALL.Debian.rst>`__
 - `Fedora <INSTALL.Fedora.md>`__
-- `XenServer <INSTALL.XenServer.md>`__
+- `XenServer <INSTALL.XenServer.rst>`__
 - `NetBSD <INSTALL.NetBSD.md>`__
 - `Windows <INSTALL.Windows.rst>`__
 - `DPDK <INSTALL.DPDK.rst>`__
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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ docs = \
 	INSTALL.SELinux.md \
-	INSTALL.XenServer.md \
+	INSTALL.XenServer.rst \
 	INSTALL.userspace.rst \
 	INSTALL.Windows.rst \
 	IntegrationGuide.md \
diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
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+++ b/README.md
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ platform, please see one of these files:
 - [INSTALL.Debian.rst]
 - [INSTALL.Fedora.md]
-- [INSTALL.XenServer.md]
+- [INSTALL.XenServer.rst]
 To use Open vSwitch...
@@ -126,6 +126,6 @@ bugs at openvswitch.org

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