[ovs-dev] Why not implement netdev datapath in a separated process

Huanle Han hanxueluo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 13:59:16 UTC 2016

I'm thinking about this quesion, after experience the dpdk feature in ovs.
Could you give me some answer?

Currently, netdev datapath(or called dpdk) is implemented inside daemon
process "ovs-vswitchd".
It makes ovs-vswitchd not that stable as before:
1. some ovsbd config for dpdk requires restart ovs-vswitchd.
2. sometimes dpdk fails to init and aborts process because of inappropriate
3. dpdk lib crash bug.

These suitation seriously effect the forwarding of other datapath(system).

Is it possibale that netdev datapath is implemented in a new process, and
connects witch ovs-vswitchd using IPC?
If possibale, what the main difficulty might be?


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