[ovs-dev] [PATCH] dpdk: Fix DPDK pdump compilation

Aaron Conole aconole at redhat.com
Thu Oct 13 18:13:25 UTC 2016

Ciara Loftus <ciara.loftus at intel.com> writes:

> The rte_pdump header file was not included in the file that requires it.
> Fix this.
> Fixes: 01961bbdd34a ("dpdk: New module with some code from netdev-dpdk.")
> Signed-off-by: Ciara Loftus <ciara.loftus at intel.com>
> ---

I'm not sure why I didn't see this compilation error when I built;  I'm
on dpdk commit 13a1317d3ba; did something major change in the last month
or so?

Oh, now I see - I didn't enable pdump.  So I wouldn't have seen this
compilation issue.  I should change my default configuration scripts.

Sorry about that.

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