[ovs-dev] OVS 2.6.1 release?

Russell Bryant russell at ovn.org
Mon Oct 17 13:14:33 UTC 2016

Can we do a 2.6.1 release in the near future?  The latest Python commit is
needed for OpenStack.

For reference, here's the current list of commits from 2.6.0 to branch-2.6.

e681dc6 Python-IDL: getattr after mutate fix
b72183a rhel-systemd: Delay shutting down the services
c222d7a doc: Update DPDK pdump documentation
eba9f15 netdev-nodpdk.c: Add missing copyright.
bb0c567 netdev-dpdk.h: Add missing copyright.
3e3554f dpif-netdev: Fix crash in dpif_netdev_execute().
9a41e6e expr: Improve test so that it would have found the bugs I just
850441b expr: Fix abort when simplifying "x != 0/0".
d4e5812 expr: Simplify "x == 0/0" into 1.
85b35ac meta-flow: Fix the NXM_NX_* names of xxreg2 and xxreg3.
5c9f469 ovn: Fix "trace" test to wait for synchronization of southbound
9025dea ovn: Fix some races in ovn-controller-vtep tests.
27905f9 ovn: Wait for ovn-northd to catch up in "ovn-sbctl" test.
2af6737 ovn: Fix some races in IPAM connectivity test.
c601a4a ovn: Fix bugs in port security test.
d3dd63f ovn: Fix races in MAC_Binding deletion test.
e0ffd1a ovn-controller: honor ovs_idl_txn when calculating and installing
3e21ae3 ovstest: Initialize command mode to RO
81d63ad netdev-linux: double tagged packets should use 0x88a8
60f7f4f ovn: Avoid using bash "+=" extension in tests.
de78d76 ovn-controller tests: Windows does not register "tap"
a0d818c ovn: update docs for l2gateway port vlan tag
ca18fa8 ovs-ofctl: Tolerate differences in IPv6 formatting.
f0880e3 tests: Use Linux-specific way to get parent PID, to avoid
noncompliant "ps".
c2dd3d7 tests: Use standard -q option to grep in place of GNU --quiet
1f24948 ovn: Do not reply to ARP or ND NS for a VM's own IP address.
578d385 ovn: Replace tabs with spaces and clean up alignment in unit tests.
c37c4a7 Prepare for 2.6.1.

Russell Bryant

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