[ovs-dev] [ovs-discuss] Vhostports drop issue - related to MTU - Qemu version

Kavanagh, Mark B mark.b.kavanagh at intel.com
Wed Oct 26 15:35:46 UTC 2016

>Hi Mark,
>This commit is already part of 2.6.0 that i am using. Also, when i create an port with
>mtu_request, it is creating with the expected mtu, no problems here.
>The issue i am facing is, i am not even able to run traffic through a PHY-VM-PHY with the
>default MTU (mtu_request not used).
>I am just creating the dpdk and vhostuser ports without mtu_request and all the packets are
>getting dropped at vhostuser port
>Working scenario:  DPDK16.04 + OVS2.5.9 + qemu 2.4.1 - default MTU 1500
>Non-working scenario:  DPDK16.07 + OVS2.6.0 + qemu 2.4.1 - default MTU 1500.
>When i reconfigure the default vhostuser mtu to a different value, packet drop issue stop;
>Though issue pops up if the VM is rebooted.
>I am trying to find why the default config wouldn't work with the above dpdk,ovs,qemu version
>Also doing qemu upgrade is resolving the issue - DPDK16.07 + OVS2.6.0 + qemu 2.6.2 - default
>MTU 1500.
>There are other dependencies for me in upgrading the qemu verson to 2.6.2, so i am looking
>for a way to make it work with 2.4.1.

I presume then that vhost user multiqueue support is the root cause here. Try applying the following commit to your QEMU tree - I'm guessing that it should resolve your issue:

	commit dc3db6adde329548771ab2addc2ef8376b2b8b32
	Author: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst at redhat.com>
	Date:   Mon Nov 16 18:40:18 2015 +0200

    		vhost-user: start/stop all rings

    		We are currently only sending VRING_ENABLE message for the first ring,
    		that's wrong: we must start/stop them all.


>On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Kavanagh, Mark B <mark.b.kavanagh at intel.com> wrote:
>>Issue Setup:  DPDK 16.07 + OVS 2.6.0 + qemu 2.4.1 : PHY-VM-PHY
>>I am trying to upgrade from (DPDK16.04 + OVS2.5.9), to (DPDK16.07 + OVS2.6.0) for jumbo
>>support. After the upgrade, all packets are getting dropped on the vhostuser port.
>>The dpdk/vhost user ports used here has default MTU of 1500 and packets are within the MTU
>>Upon few trails, i found configuring the mtu on the vhostuser port is somehow fixing the
>>issue. Command used : ovs-vsctl set interface vhostuser1 mtu_request=1400(to any value
>>Though even with this, if i reboot the VM, again the drop issue shows up and mtu has to be
>>reconfigured/changed on the vhost to get the traffic working.
>>Seems, modifying the mtu value on vhost is internally triggering something which resolves
>>drop issue.
>>I upgraded the qemu to 2.6.2, which resolves the drop issue in the vhost ports without any
>>changes to default MTU.
>>I suspect, if its some interop issue with qemu 2.4.1, after the addition of jumbo frame
>>support in OVS 2.6.0.
>>Some input on how to debug this will help. is there any dependency on dpdk+ovs version with
>>qemu version ?
>Hi Kapil,
>You should update OvS to the following commit, which resolves the MTU issue:
>        commit 7c12e20006118e69a98f6840731ebf0c87582b4a
>        Author: Daniele Di Proietto <diproiettod at vmware.com>
>        Date:   Mon Aug 29 19:01:13 2016 -0700
>        bridge: Honor 'mtu_request' when port is added.
>        'mtu_request' was honored only when the port was reconfigured, not when
>         the port was added.
>        This commit fixes the problem and improves a testcase to detect the bug.
>Hope this helps,
>>i wanted to try dpdk or ovs upgrade alone, instead of both, but it has some build
>>dependencies, so i can't try that.
>>My earlier mail on this issue - https://www.mail-
>>archive.com/dev at openvswitch.org/msg71381.html .

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