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Diane Soto diane_soto190 at naver.com
Wed Jul 5 17:33:04 UTC 2017






My name is Diane Soto.
I am the only daughter of late Dr. Fredrick Soto. My father was a preeminent
oil and gas entrepreneur before he died. He also had extensive investments in
real estates, agricultural and banking sectors. My mother died with my siblings
in a ghastly automobile accident along Yamoussoukro express way when I was a
little child.


I prayed before
contacting you, and I believed that you are the right person, who God has
assigned to help me out of my horrible situation. Please i want you to support
me transfer my inherited money in the sum of 7.5 million American dollars to
your country, for investment ventures under your care and supervision, while I
will continue my studies in your country after the transfer is achieved. 


It is my desire to
come over to your country to advance my education while you invest and manage
my inherited money. Please, I am an orphan, and I need your assistance to
transfer my inherited money to your country. I will also need your assistance
to secure a nice school in your country where I will continue my studies.


I am willing to offer
you substantial sum as compensation for your effort/input after the successful
transfer into your nominated account. As soon as I receive your reply
indicating your interest to assist me transfer this money to your country, I
will give you all the necessary information you may require to proceed towards
transferring the money to your account. I believed that this transaction will
be concluded within a few days you show interest to assist me.   


I would be highly
grateful if you could respond to me after reading this email. Please be aware
that i am totally perplexed and traumatized here. i am severely in distressing
situation, and i am desperate to hear from you in acquiescence to my
solicitation, this will help me enormously to reestablish my hope and
confidence that you will be there for me to save my life and my inherited money
which my father bequeathed to me before he was poisoned to death by his evil
and greedy business associate with the support of his envious brothers.


i will greatly
appreciate if you can response to me after reading this email.


Thanks for your time
and consideration.


My kind Regards,

Diane Soto

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