[ovs-dev] [patch_v1] doc: Support building ovs with Trusty.

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Tue Mar 7 23:03:05 UTC 2017

On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 08:01:42PM -0800, Darrell Ball wrote:
> Some code-block directives are not understood using
> Trusty (I was using 14.04.1 when the issue was found)
> default package versions, which blocks the build.
> An error example:
> writing output... [100%] topics/language-bindings
> Warning, treated as error:
> /home/dball/ovs/Documentation/topics/language-bindings.rst:39:
> WARNING: Pygments lexer name u'shell' is not known
> 14.04.1 has Sphinx 1.2.2 and Pygments 1.6.
> I expect Trusty to still be widely used, so we
> should be able to build ovs with it.
> requirements.rst indicates only:
> sphinx>=1.2,<2.0
> ovs_sphinx_theme>=1.0,<1.1
> Fixes: f150a8bafbf2 ("doc: Document various language bindings")
> Suggested-by: Daniele Di Proietto <diproiettod at vmware.com>
> Signed-off-by: Darrell Ball <dlu998 at gmail.com>
> CC: Stephen Finucane <stephen at that.guru>

I was pointed to apply this but it adds an error for me:

    /home/blp/nicira/ovs/Documentation/intro/install/windows.rst:585: WARNING: Could not lex literal_block as "ps1". Highlighting skipped.

I'm using Sphinx 1.4.9.

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