[ovs-dev] [PATCH v3 0/9] OVS-DPDK flow offload with rte_flow

Chandran, Sugesh sugesh.chandran at intel.com
Mon Oct 2 16:22:29 UTC 2017


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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 0/9] OVS-DPDK flow offload with rte_flow
> On 9/27/17, 3:41 AM, "Finn Christensen" <fc at napatech.com> wrote:
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>         Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 0/9] OVS-DPDK flow offload with rte_flow
>         On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 09:12:49AM +0000, Finn Christensen wrote:
>         >
>         >     [Darrell] It looks fine; of course, if we could drop dependencies on cap
>         >     probe, it would be ideal (.
>         >
>         >
>         > [Finn]
>         > From a Napatech point of view, we would definitely want to use the
>         > RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_RSS if it were implement. It definitely makes
>         > good sense to me. I have 2 reasons for this:
>         > 1. It would fit nicely into the way Napatech does flow programming in
>         > nic 2. We would be fully RSS controlled through OVS Furthermore,
>         > Future RSS splitting on a per megaflow basis will be possible.
>         > IMO the "pure_mark_cap_probed" function is a temp work-around to
>         make it work.
>         > The RSS seems to be a solution to the queue problem.
>         Finn, that's really good to know! I do agree without this probe, it makes the
>         code simpler and cleaner.
>         Few questions though. Have Napatech already implemented rss action? If
>         not, what's the plan?
>     [Finn]
>     Our nic handles rss on a per flow basis, but we have not yet used rte rss action
>     for OVS. In OVS we simply handles RSS config outside it.
>     The full control of rss through OVS is better though.
>         And are you okay with following code?
>         add_mark_action();
>         add_rss_action_unconditionally();
>         flow = rte_create_flow(...);
>         if (!flow)
>         return -1;
>         That is, no probes, no feedbacks. If it failed, it just failed (flow offload then
>         is just skipped).
>     [Finn]
>     Yes, we can easily make this work. Good suggestion!
>         But I do think some feedbacks are necessary. If we know the rte_flow cap
>         in the begnning, we could simply disable the flow offload for a specific port
>         if we know it doesn't have offload ability. This would avoid the repeat
>         effort of trying to do hw offload completely.
>     [Finn]
>     This seems to be a good idea.
> [Darrell] Regarding the general question of capability checking, it is fine to have
> this support
>                in general and we already identified some cases where it would be best
> to use this
>                if we can (the question mostly comes down to support by RTE and
> drivers).
>               Probing is different and we usually use the term for some try and error
> checking to configure
>               something during initialization and see if works and then mark the
> associated capability as enabled
>              or disabled.  We could also use a different kind of probing here in a
> dynamic fashion, where we try to do
>              HWOL and if it fails X times we don’t try again unless we detect the port
> has been reconfigured,
>              for example, in case the capability check is not possible or not
> implemented yet.
[Sugesh] I agree with Darrel here and we are also looking at implementing a capability APIs
to expose the device feature sets. I will check with our DPDK team and will post the update.
>         --yliu
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