[ovs-dev] [PATCH] Introduce Emeritus Committer status.

Russell Bryant russell at ovn.org
Sat Oct 7 00:19:04 UTC 2017

This patch introduces an Emeritus status for OVS committers. An
Emeritus Committer is recognized as having made a significant impact
to the project and having been a committer in the past.  It is
intended as an option for those that do not currently have the time or
interest to fulfill committer responsibilities based on their current
responsibilities.  While in this status, they are not included in
voting for governance purposes.

An emeritus committer may be re-instated as a full committer at any

See documentation contents for full details.

Suggested-by: Ethan J. Jackson <ejj at eecs.berkeley.edu>
Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <russell at ovn.org>
 Documentation/automake.mk                          |  1 +
 Documentation/index.rst                            |  3 +-
 .../internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst        | 65 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 Documentation/internals/index.rst                  |  1 +
 MAINTAINERS.rst                                    | 14 ++++-
 5 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst

diff --git a/Documentation/automake.mk b/Documentation/automake.mk
index 6f38912f2..8adce852e 100644
--- a/Documentation/automake.mk
+++ b/Documentation/automake.mk
@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ DOC_SOURCE = \
 	Documentation/internals/index.rst \
 	Documentation/internals/authors.rst \
 	Documentation/internals/bugs.rst \
+	Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst \
 	Documentation/internals/committer-grant-revocation.rst \
 	Documentation/internals/committer-responsibilities.rst \
 	Documentation/internals/documentation.rst \
diff --git a/Documentation/index.rst b/Documentation/index.rst
index 836c37fc3..b7a792b0d 100644
--- a/Documentation/index.rst
+++ b/Documentation/index.rst
@@ -107,7 +107,8 @@ Learn more about the Open vSwitch project and about how you can contribute:
 - **Maintaining:** :doc:`internals/maintainers` |
   :doc:`internals/committer-responsibilities` |
-  :doc:`internals/committer-grant-revocation`
+  :doc:`internals/committer-grant-revocation` |
+  :doc:`internals/committer-emeritus-status`
 - **Documentation:** :doc:`internals/contributing/documentation-style` |
   :doc:`Building Open vSwitch Documentation <intro/install/documentation>` |
diff --git a/Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst b/Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..f869d72ad
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
+      Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
+      not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
+      a copy of the License at
+          http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
+      Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+      distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
+      WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
+      License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
+      under the License.
+      Convention for heading levels in Open vSwitch documentation:
+      =======  Heading 0 (reserved for the title in a document)
+      -------  Heading 1
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+      '''''''  Heading 4
+      Avoid deeper levels because they do not render well.
+Emeritus Status for OVS Committers
+There are some contributors to OVS that have made a significant impact to the
+project in its history, but based on current responsibilities, are unable or
+uninterested in participating as an official committer from a project
+governance perspective.
+The following guidelines clarify the process around the emeritus status for
+* A committer may request themselves be placed in emeritus status by sending an
+  email to the committers mailing list.
+* At any time, an emeritus committer can choose to reinstate thir full
+  committer status by sending an email to the committers mailing list.
+* If a committer hasn't been heard from in 6 months, the other committers can
+  vote as a majority to put them in emeritus committer status.  Committers put
+  into emeritus status this way can become regular committers at any time as
+  described above.  Note that this provision would not replace the procedures
+  for forcibly removing a committer.  It would just be another option for
+  people who aren't active anymore.
+* Emeritus committers may stay on the committers mailing list to continue to
+  follow any discussions there.
+* Emeritus committers do not nominate or vote in committer elections.  From a
+  governance perspective, they are equivalent to a non-committer.
+* Emeritus committers can not merge patches to the OVS repository.
+* Emeritus committers will be listed in a separate section in the
+  MAINTAINERS.rst file to continue to recognize their contributions to the
+  project.
+Note that just because a committer is not able to work on the project on a
+day-to-day basis, we feel they are still capable of providing input on the
+direction of the project.  No committer should feel pressured to move
+themselves to this status.  Again, it's just an option for those that do not
+currently have the time or interest.
diff --git a/Documentation/internals/index.rst b/Documentation/internals/index.rst
index cf70f5566..50f59a88f 100644
--- a/Documentation/internals/index.rst
+++ b/Documentation/internals/index.rst
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ itself and how they might involved.
+   committer-emeritus-status
diff --git a/MAINTAINERS.rst b/MAINTAINERS.rst
index bb389da9f..a6deb8229 100644
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ The responsibilities of an Open vSwitch committer are documented
 The process for adding or removing committers is documented
 `here <Documentation/internals/committer-grant-revocation.rst>`__.
-This is the current list of Open vSwitch committers:
+This is the current list of active Open vSwitch committers:
 .. list-table:: OVS Maintainers
    :header-rows: 1
@@ -75,3 +75,15 @@ This is the current list of Open vSwitch committers:
      - tgraf at noironetworks.com
    * - YAMAMOTO Takashi
      - yamamoto at midokura.com
+The project also maintains a list of Emeritus Committers (or Maintainers).
+More information about Emeritus Committers can be found
+`here <Documentation/internals/committer-emeritus-status.rst>`__.
+.. list-table:: OVS Emeritus Maintainers
+   :header-rows: 1
+   * - Name
+     - Email
+   * -
+     -

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