[ovs-dev] [PATCH] Introduce Emeritus Committer status.

Russell Bryant russell at ovn.org
Mon Oct 9 17:25:57 UTC 2017

On Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 12:22 AM, Ben Pfaff <blp at ovn.org> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 06, 2017 at 08:19:04PM -0400, Russell Bryant wrote:
>> This patch introduces an Emeritus status for OVS committers. An
>> Emeritus Committer is recognized as having made a significant impact
>> to the project and having been a committer in the past.  It is
>> intended as an option for those that do not currently have the time or
>> interest to fulfill committer responsibilities based on their current
>> responsibilities.  While in this status, they are not included in
>> voting for governance purposes.
>> An emeritus committer may be re-instated as a full committer at any
>> time.
>> See documentation contents for full details.
>> Suggested-by: Ethan J. Jackson <ejj at eecs.berkeley.edu>
>> Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <russell at ovn.org>
> Thank you.
> I felt like doing some editing.  Here is my version.  You don't have to
> use it though.

I like your edits.  I'll use them and post a v2.

> I have procedural questions:
>     1. Do we need to get Linux Foundation approval for this change?  My
>        inclination is to believe that we do not, because 2.c.iii in the
>        project charter says that the committers may "amend, adjust and
>        refine the roles of Contributors and Committers listed in Section
>        2.b., create new roles and publicly document responsibilities and
>        expectations for such roles, as it sees fit" and I think that
>        this falls squarely in that category.

For others following along, see http://openvswitch.org/charter/

I agree with your interpretation.

>     2. Do we need a vote of the committers to approve this change?  I
>        think that I would be more comfortable if we did have one.

Yes, I think that would be best.

Shall we record the vote as a set of acks on the patch?

> Thanks,
> Ben.
> --8<--------------------------cut here-------------------------->8--
> OVS committers are nominated and elected based on their impact on the Open
> vSwitch project.  Over time, as committers' responsibilities change, some may
> become unable or uninterested to actively participate in project governance.
> Committer "emeritus" status provides a way for committers to take a leave of
> absence from OVS governance responsibilities.  The following guidelines clarify
> the process around the emeritus status for committers:
> * An committer may choose to transition from active to emeritus, or from
>   emeritus to active, by sending an email to the committers mailing list.
> * If a committer hasn't been heard from in 6 months, and does not respond to
>   reasonable attempts to contact him or her, the other committers can vote as a
>   majority to transition the committer from active to emeritus.  (If the
>   committer resurfaces, he or she can transition back to active by sending an
>   email to the committers mailing list.)
> * Emeritus committers may stay on the committers mailing list to continue to
>   follow any discussions there.
> * Emeritus committers do not nominate or vote in committer elections.  From a
>   governance perspective, they are equivalent to a non-committer.
> * Emeritus committers cannot merge patches to the OVS repository.
> * Emeritus committers will be listed in a separate section in the
>   MAINTAINERS.rst file to continue to recognize their contributions to the
>   project.
> Emeritus status does not replace the procedures for forcibly removing a
> committer.
> Note that just because a committer is not able to work on the project on a
> day-to-day basis, we feel they are still capable of providing input on the
> direction of the project.  No committer should feel pressured to move
> themselves to this status.  Again, it's just an option for those that do not
> currently have the time or interest.

Russell Bryant

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