[ovs-dev] [PATCH] ofproto-dpif-xlate: Remove assertion for truncated

Andy Zhou azhou at ovn.org
Tue Oct 10 07:21:47 UTC 2017

On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 8:18 PM, Iwase Yusuke <iwase.yusuke0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ben and Andy,
> Thank you very much!
> I'm looking forward to review comments.
Hi, Iwase,

I miss interpreted max_len in the spec, and thought (wrongly) that
only the output controller action should have a non-zero value.
Apparently, this
is too restrictive as you have pointed out.

In terms of the fix. I think we can remove the 'truncate" variable
completely. If the following incremental looks O.K. to you, I'd like
to fold it in before pushing your patch to master.

Thanks for reporting the bug!

diff --git a/ofproto/ofproto-dpif-xlate.c b/ofproto/ofproto-dpif-xlate.c
index d320d570b304..a492c2215851 100644
--- a/ofproto/ofproto-dpif-xlate.c
+++ b/ofproto/ofproto-dpif-xlate.c
@@ -4829,31 +4829,26 @@ xlate_output_action(struct xlate_ctx *ctx,
                     bool is_last_action)
     ofp_port_t prev_nf_output_iface = ctx->nf_output_iface;
-    bool truncate = max_len != 0;

     ctx->nf_output_iface = NF_OUT_DROP;

     switch (port) {
     case OFPP_IN_PORT:
         compose_output_action(ctx, ctx->xin->flow.in_port.ofp_port, NULL,
-                              is_last_action, truncate);
+                              is_last_action, false);
     case OFPP_TABLE:
-        ovs_assert(!truncate);
         xlate_table_action(ctx, ctx->xin->flow.in_port.ofp_port,
                            0, may_packet_in, true, false, false,
     case OFPP_NORMAL:
-        ovs_assert(!truncate);
     case OFPP_FLOOD:
-        ovs_assert(!truncate);
         flood_packets(ctx, false, is_last_action);
     case OFPP_ALL:
-        ovs_assert(!truncate);
         flood_packets(ctx, true, is_last_action);
@@ -4869,7 +4864,7 @@ xlate_output_action(struct xlate_ctx *ctx,
     case OFPP_LOCAL:
         if (port != ctx->xin->flow.in_port.ofp_port) {
-            compose_output_action(ctx, port, NULL, is_last_action, truncate);
+            compose_output_action(ctx, port, NULL, is_last_action, false);
         } else {
             xlate_report(ctx, OFT_WARN, "skipping output to input port");

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