[ovs-dev] Business Expertise needed

Eugen Hagler h.eugen at tutanota.de
Thu Oct 19 21:40:43 UTC 2017

My sincere apology if this email will cause any inconvenience. I have a 
proposal which I think might be of interest to you, I have a client who 
is searching for good business owners that have got lucrative 
projects/business ideas he can invest his funds on. My client has great 
interest to invest in worthy creative start ups that has good 
potentials. He is not concerned about the type of project or the 
location of the investment rather his interest is that the Project 
should be one that will be able to yield a high return on investment. 
The investment range should be within the range of US$ One million-US$ 
Two Hundred million. His plan is to invest in a long term (maybe a 
period of 10 - 15 years) and after that, will withdraw his original 
capital and at the end of every financial year both of you will be 
sharing the interest generated on any percentage you both agree on.
Contact me on: info at ibreach.org

Mr Eugen Hagler

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