[ovs-dev] Adding new action

Prabhu wsuprabhu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 08:34:05 UTC 2017

Hello all,
I want to implement a custom action which should handle the below 
process defined as FLOW actions:

Buffer size : 1000

Rule 1 ->  IN_PORT  match MAC Address1 and ACTION:send_to_buffer_0, 
go_to_table1 (buffer should log its backlog)
Rule 2 ->  IN_PORT match MAC Address2 and ACTION:send_to_buffer_1, 
go_to_table1 (buffer should log its backlog)

Rule 1-> match MAC Address1 and ACTION: output:1
Rule 2-> match MAC Address2 and ACTION: output:2

Buffer 0 and Buffer 1 can have the same buffer size 1000 packets (e.g)

*The FAQ on http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/faq/contributing/ says:*

Q: How do I add support for a new OpenFlow action?

    A: Add your new action to |enum ofp_raw_action_type| in
    |lib/ofp-actions.c|, following the existing pattern. Then recompile
    and fix all of the new warnings, implementing new functionality for
    the new action as needed. (If you configure with |--enable-Werror|,
    as described in the Open vSwitch on Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD
    <http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/intro/install/general/>, then
    it is impossible to miss any warnings.)

    If you need to add an OpenFlow vendor extension action for a vendor
    that doesn’t yet have any extension actions, then you will also need
    to edit |build-aux/extract-ofp-actions|.

In order to implement new experimental action just following the above 
step should work or should be it has be done in more detailed way ?

The feature I need is not defined in Openflow specifications and I am 
looking to test my case in Mininet + Openvswitch-2.7.0

- Prabhu -



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