[ovs-dev] [PATCH 3/3] system-traffic: Add conntrack floating IP test

William Tu u9012063 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 13:06:15 UTC 2017

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the reply.

>> >>  dnl means the datapath didn't process the ct_clear action. Ending in SYN_RECV
>> >>  dnl (OVS maps to ESTABLISHED) means the initial frame was committed, but not a
>> >>  dnl second time after the FIP translation (because ct_clear didn't occur).
>> >> -NS_CHECK_EXEC([at_ns1], [echo "foobar" |nc $NC_EOF_OPT])
>> >> +NS_CHECK_EXEC([at_ns1], [echo "foobar" |nc $NC_EOF_OPT 1234])
>> >
>> > Are you saying it works for you with the explicit port?
Yes, it works for me with explicit port (sorry I didn't answer this question)

>> > If not, can you show the error?
>> >
>> > FWIW, nmap-ncat defaults to 31337. I guess other nc implementations may
>> > be different.
>> The error message:
>>  83: conntrack - floating IP                         FAILED
>> (system-traffic.at:4055)
>> +This is nc from the netcat-openbsd package. An alternative nc is available
>> +in the netcat-traditional package.
>> +usage: nc [-46bCDdhjklnrStUuvZz] [-I length] [-i interval] [-O length]
>> +         [-P proxy_username] [-p source_port] [-q seconds] [-s source]
>> +         [-T toskeyword] [-V rtable] [-w timeout] [-X proxy_protocol]
>> +         [-x proxy_address[:port]] [destination] [port]
>> ./system-traffic.at:4055: exit code was 1, expected 0
>> on my system (ubuntu 1604), it is using the BSD
>> tests/atlocal.in:    NC_EOF_OPT="-q 1 -w 5"
> There are other test cases that use NC_EOF_OPT, so I expect those are
> failing for you as well. Can you verify?
So my other test cases work OK since it has explicit port number.

> Indeed, OpenBSD nc(1) man page does not list the -q option. Nor do the
> other BSDs. I don't know why that option is being used. The first

Actually my BSD nc (netcat-traditional package) has -q options.

> evidence of it's usage seems to be 9ac0aadab9f9 ("conntrack: Add support
> for NAT.").

I think "-q 1" is mentioned at b54971f72ec ("system-traffic: use
appropriate nc options for installed version")


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