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Thu Oct 26 22:33:36 UTC 2017

United States Money Gram Office,
Address:300 7th St SW, Houston, Texas 20024, USA
Houston, Texas, United States
Phone: +1 916 581 2055

Dear Customer,

Sir,How are you doing together with your family? I hope everything is moving normally as you want.

Sir, it has being a while I heard from you. I email you severally regarding the transfer of your funds and none was replied till date. Can you kindly tell me what's going on?

I am asking you this so that I will know your arrangement over this your transfer "whether you will want these funds to be completely transferred to you as it was programmed or to cancel it and return it back to Federal Government Treasury".

I am waiting for your response and please do not hesitate to reply back as it is from your response that I will know whether you still interested on receiving those fund.

Remember: Your payment file will be cancel and divert to government purse if you don't need these funds. So make sure you reply back immediately you receive this email and tell me if you still need those funds to be transfer to you...

Use Below information to send the $220 for the securing of the required Form in order to proceed with your transfer as scheduled.

AMOUN:::::::: $220

Please send the fee through Money Gram office and get back to us with transfer slip in other to proceed on your transfer. Feel free to call Postal code for more clarifications. Your rapid response is highly needed.

Here is the payment information we send on your name but due to what I been telling you concerning the paper, Our head Office Put it stop down till the paper is obtain and present to them. Remember, no one can pick it because it was press stop down by Our Head Office as I told you before.

Sender's Name:.............Corass smith
Reference #:.....................92169792

Note: Once you send the money, the clearance document of your funds will be obtained as well as its Government approval documents being secured too. Then we will without wasting time remit your first payment and email you the info to go to any Money Gram Office and pick it up peacefully.

I await for your reply with the payment details of the $220 so that we will fix the error for you to pick up the first payment.

Yours Sincere,
Mr. William Wilson,
Managing Director (Foreign Dept)
Tell Phone: +1 916 581 2055

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