[ovs-dev] Greeting from Mrs Fofana Maladho

Mrs Fofana Maladho Boukhary mrskassoumescovilla at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 14:30:08 UTC 2017

I am Mrs Fofana Maladho Boukhary, I was born on June 8, 1969. I am a widow, I am so happy to be writing this message because it rejoices my heart if you can share my passion to get this project I want to get started.

I want you to understand that my current medical status will not allow me to move to make this project a reality, which is why I need your help to make this project go through. My late husband was a precious stone dealer, he buys from Ghana and Asia and I joined him in business about 25 years ago and since then we have been able to make lots of money.

The problem is that my husband is now late and  I was diagnosed with a deadly syndrome and I also have brain tumor as at now and the doctor is saying that I only have only a few months to live as to be realistic with you I have to say for about month or so that's why I want you to do it for me as a charity job as there is no one to deal with that money here for security reasons.

Now the fund is worth four million eight hundred thousand United States dollars ($4.8m)is currently in a bank. I asked you to do this because I want you to recover the money from the bank and half the money should be used in setting up the orphanage in your country and other facilities to help less privilege because the other half of the money should be used in the investment in your country.

Note that this investment will be in your name and 50% of this investment only while the rest should be for charity. Also you will own share of the investment.

Note that when you accept this offer and I will introduce you to the bank as a beneficiary to the account where the fund is and make you a signatory to the account.

Answer me with a copy of your identity card if you accept this offer and you must create the infrastructure to meet A Needy and less privileged.

Yours faithful.
Mrs Fofana Maladho Boukhary

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