[ovs-dev] OpenvSwitch and VLAN trunk flapping

Alvaro Jimenez Moreno chavalvaro4 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 10:29:54 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,
Im trying to connect 2 hosts via OpenvSwitch and a Cisco Catalyst 2960
between the two hosts. I want to have 3 VLANs between this hosts. I've
first created the 3 VLAN interfaces via ip command (enp63s0.10,  enp63s0.11
and  enp63s0.12). Then I added these interfaces to de ovs bridge (on both
hosts). On the Cisco switch, i configured both host ports as trunk ports
and allowed vlans 10,11 and 12, getting a MAC flapping error between both
Cisco switch ports. I'm a newbie at networking and i dont really know how
to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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