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Wed Jul 11 04:43:16 UTC 2018

Compliments of the day to you and I hope this mail will meet you in good health. With Due Respect, I want to introduce myself. I am Mass Anderson from Belgium, Working for South coast Inc. South Coast Inc is an investment sub-company under Capital One Bank U.K. South Coast Inc handles all aspects of investment of customer funds on behalf of Capital One Bank U.K. 

South Coast Inc, on behalf of Capital One Bank U.K handles all Investors Treasury Bill Deposit which gives us access to trade with our Investors Funds on Private Arrangement. In addition, we make an average turn-over of GBPS £1.2-3 Billion Great British Pounds annually through Private Trading with our Investors fund and Treasury Bill Deposit while the said funds are currently lying as a Floating Capital in our Treasury Bill Magellan Trust Account. 

Based on recent development, I have been mandated by one of our numerous investors to find somne of your caliber who can help receive and manage his funds in our custody. Details of the said investment funds will be revealed to you upon receiving a confirmatory email from you as to your readiness to assume the task of investing the said funds in a Private arrangement that will be beneficial to all parties involved. 

Can you be able to secure and manage the investment fund in your country? 
contact me by email on (mass.anderson at yahoo.com ) for more clarifications and how we can proceed 

Thank you for the anticipated cooperation. 

Warmest Regards. 
Mass Anderson

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