[ovs-dev] Introduce ovs-appctl command to monitor HVs sb connection status

Aaron Conole aconole at redhat.com
Thu Jul 19 13:46:14 UTC 2018

0-day Robot <robot at bytheb.org> writes:

> Bleep bloop.  Greetings Lorenzo Bianconi, I am a robot and I have
> tried out your patch.
> Thanks for your contribution.
> I encountered some error that I wasn't expecting.  See the details below.
> checkpatch:
> ERROR: Too many signoffs; are you missing Co-authored-by lines?
> ERROR: Co-authored-by/Signed-off-by corruption
> Lines checked: 144, Warnings: 0, Errors: 2

Probably we can improve this log to be a bit more informative.

In the meantime, from the submitting-patches.rst:

  All co-authors must also sign off.

So, you'll need to get the sign-off tag.  I think patchwork can
automatically record it from a reply, so it would probably be sufficient
to just have aginwala (CCd) to reply to the patch with the appropriate

Thanks, Lorenzo and aginwala!


> Please check this out.  If you feel there has been an error, please
> email aconole at bytheb.org
> Thanks,
> 0-day Robot
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