[ovs-dev] For your Kind Attention

James Gatdet Dak james at dakinvestmentslimited.com
Mon Jul 23 09:36:05 UTC 2018

I am prospecting for business and investment partnerships and I’m
wondering if it is something you would welcome to discuss at this time.
I’m not too sure, though, if this approach is appropriate but I happen to
have found myself in a peculiar situation- the best I’m able to maneuver
out of which is by this adventuring-in the hopes that, perhaps, a business
friendship with you might be workable.
I make the contact from South Sudan and it’s mainly an effort to locating
good investment openings abroad; the ultimate goal of which is to try
getting some eggs into safe baskets abroad as a measure against
eventualities bearing on my situation.
Its sure may be too early but I thought the attached might suffice; please,
treat them with utmost confidentiality. I’ll share more as when
I’m keen to hear from you.
James Gatdet Dak

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