[ovs-dev] Reply Urgent.

Mr. Hameto Sani mtaka-no.08-anf at zeus.eonet.ne.jp
Tue Jul 24 12:22:40 UTC 2018

Dear Friend,

                                     (TREAT THIS MATTER CONFIDENTIAL)

I am a banker by profession, I want to release an abandoned sum of ($ 25.3 Million Dollars) to you for my future investment. Can you provide me with an account to receive the sum. you will take 40% as your share.

Please send me your information before proceeding.

1) Your Names:
2) Your Age:
3) Your Address:
4) Your occupation:
5) Your Contact Phone:
6) Your Country:

I need thesis information to know you very well before we proceed because i will resign from this bank your immediate confirmed this fund in your position

I wait for your reply as soon as possible.

Mr.Hameto Sani.
Reply to:  mrhametosa at gmail.com

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