[ovs-dev] [PATCH] utilities: Run ovsdb-server pre-startup DB steps as root

Aaron Conole aconole at redhat.com
Fri Jul 27 20:16:33 UTC 2018

Markos Chandras <mchandras at suse.de> writes:

> Hello Aaron,
> On 18/07/18 16:24, Aaron Conole wrote:
>> I think there's actually a race condition here.  Most likely,
>> ovsdb-server doesn't need to be started before network.service.
>> Looking at the bug, I think we can unroll some of the dependencies that
>> each unit file has and get a cleaner systemd dependency chain, and
>> preserve the existing user downgrade.
>> I will install an OpenSUSE VM and work on it.  Strange that we don't see
>> this on the RHEL side.  I'll also try to reproduce that.
>> Thanks for pointing the issue out (and thanks to David and Franck on
>> your side).
>> -Aaron
> Great thank you. If you are using vagrant you can use the following
> steps for a reproducer
> vagrant init opensuse/openSUSE-15.0-x86_64
> vagrant up
> vagrant ssh
> (inside vagrant)
> sudo -s
> zypper -n in openvswitch
> systemctl enable openvswitch
> systemctl reboot
> checking the journald logs after the reboot should reveal the issue.
> Let me know if you need any help.

Is it possible that the provided diff can fix most of the issue (rather
than needing the corrective block in ovs-ctl)?  If so, I'd advocate for
the smaller change instead.  I need to double check it on RHEL/Fedora.

Flavio?  Timothy?

diff --git a/utilities/ovs-lib.in b/utilities/ovs-lib.in
index 92f98ad92..8db887ef6 100644
--- a/utilities/ovs-lib.in
+++ b/utilities/ovs-lib.in
@@ -389,7 +389,7 @@ move_ip_routes () {
 ovsdb_tool () {
     if [ "$OVS_USER" != "" ]; then
-        runuser --user "${OVS_USER%:*}" -- ovsdb-tool -vconsole:off "$@"
+        setpriv --reuid "${OVS_USER%:*}" ovsdb-tool -vconsole:off "$@"
         ovsdb-tool -vconsole:off "$@"

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