[ovs-dev] Greetings,From Mrs Ruth

dami at hispeed.ch dami at hispeed.ch
Mon Jul 30 14:46:43 UTC 2018

Hi Dear

Please Please contact me to my direct email ( mrs_sisterruth2002 @outlook.fr
Greetings to you and sorry if this message came to you as a surprise. My name Mrs Ruth Henry  a widow, I found your email address through my late husbands internet dater late Mr. Henry Amos

I am presently admitted at the hospital suffering from a blood cancer and Parkinson diseases. I have only about a few months to live and I want you to Transfer the sum of ( $7.500,000.00) united states dollars to your account so you can assist me Distribute my funds to charity homes in your country ,

I will give you more information on how the fund will be transferred to your bank account. May the grace, peace, love and the truth in the Word of Lord be with you and all those that you love and  care for. In the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach,

May Lord Bless you

Mrs Ruth Henry

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