[ovs-dev] [RFC v7 00/13] Support multi-segment mbufs

Eelco Chaudron echaudro at redhat.com
Thu Jun 7 12:48:46 UTC 2018

I'm planning on reviewing this patchset, but when I applied the patch to 
master and tried to start OVS it crashed:

#0  eth_compose (b=b at entry=0x7ffebedf7b00, eth_dst=..., eth_src=..., 
eth_type=<optimized out>, size=size at entry=0) at lib/packets.c:965
#1  0x000000000074bfda in flow_compose (p=p at entry=0x7ffebedf7b00, 
flow=flow at entry=0x7ffebedf7860, l7=l7 at entry=0x0, l7_len=l7_len at entry=64) 
at lib/flow.c:2960
#2  0x00000000006f2094 in check_ct_eventmask (backer=<optimized out>) at 
#3  0x00000000006fb15b in check_support (backer=0x283bd20) at 
#4  open_dpif_backer (backerp=0x283ac38, type=0x283a290 "netdev") at 
#5  construct (ofproto_=0x283a9f0) at ofproto/ofproto-dpif.c:1423
#6  0x00000000006e5f05 in ofproto_create (datapath_name=0x283dee0 
"ovs_pvp_br0", datapath_type=<optimized out>, 
ofprotop=ofprotop at entry=0x283a3f8) at ofproto/ofproto.c:545
#7  0x00000000006d7ec1 in bridge_reconfigure 
(ovs_cfg=ovs_cfg at entry=0x2835530) at vswitchd/bridge.c:648
#8  0x00000000006db406 in bridge_run () at vswitchd/bridge.c:3022

I traced it back to patch "RFC v7 05/13] dp-packet: Handle multi-seg 
mbufs in helper funcs".
My config is straightforward and the feature was not yet enabled:

$ ovs-vsctl show
     Bridge "ovs_pvp_br0"
         Port "ovs_pvp_br0"
             Interface "ovs_pvp_br0"
                 type: internal
         Port "dpdk0"
             Interface "dpdk0"
                 type: dpdk
                 options: {dpdk-devargs="0000:05:00.0", n_rxq="2"}
         Port "vhost0"
             Interface "vhost0"
                 type: dpdkvhostuserclient
                 options: {n_rxq="2", vhost-server-path="/tmp/vhost-sock0"}
         Port "dpdk1"
             Interface "dpdk1"
                 type: dpdk
                 options: {dpdk-devargs="0000:05:00.1", n_rxq="2"}
     ovs_version: "2.9.90"

My goal for reviewing this part was to get a better understanding of the 
dp_packet layer, so rather than spending time before reporting, I 
decided to send a reply right away.

In addition are you planning on sending a v8 soon? If so I might delay 
the reviewing a bit ;)



On 23/05/18 18:47, Tiago Lam wrote:
> Overview
> ========
> This patchset introduces support for multi-segment mbufs to OvS-DPDK.
> Multi-segment mbufs are typically used when the size of an mbuf is
> insufficient to contain the entirety of a packet's data. Instead, the
> data is split across numerous mbufs, each carrying a portion, or
> 'segment', of the packet data. mbufs are chained via their 'next'
> attribute (an mbuf pointer).
> Use Cases
> =========
> i.  Handling oversized (guest-originated) frames, which are marked
>      for hardware accelration/offload (TSO, for example).
>      Packets which originate from a non-DPDK source may be marked for
>      offload; as such, they may be larger than the permitted ingress
>      interface's MTU, and may be stored in an oversized dp-packet. In
>      order to transmit such packets over a DPDK port, their contents
>      must be copied to a DPDK mbuf (via dpdk_do_tx_copy). However, in
>      its current implementation, that function only copies data into
>      a single mbuf; if the space available in the mbuf is exhausted,
>      but not all packet data has been copied, then it is lost.
>      Similarly, when cloning a DPDK mbuf, it must be considered
>      whether that mbuf contains multiple segments. Both issues are
>      resolved within this patchset.
> ii. Handling jumbo frames.
>      While OvS already supports jumbo frames, it does so by increasing
>      mbuf size, such that the entirety of a jumbo frame may be handled
>      in a single mbuf. This is certainly the preferred, and most
>      performant approach (and remains the default). However, it places
>      high demands on system memory; multi-segment mbufs may be
>      prefereable for systems which are memory-constrained.
> Enabling multi-segment mbufs
> ============================
> Multi-segment and single-segment mbufs are mutually exclusive, and the
> user must decide on which approach to adopt on init. The introduction
> of a new OVSDB field, 'dpdk-multi-seg-mbufs', facilitates this.
> This is a global boolean value, which determines how jumbo frames are
> represented across all DPDK ports. In the absence of a user-supplied
> value, 'dpdk-multi-seg-mbufs' defaults to false, i.e. multi-segment
> mbufs must be explicitly enabled / single-segment mbufs remain the
> default.
> Setting the field is identical to setting existing DPDK-specific OVSDB
> fields:
>      ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:dpdk-init=true
>      ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:dpdk-lcore-mask=0x10
>      ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:dpdk-socket-mem=4096,0
> ==> ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:dpdk-multi-seg-mbufs=true
> ---
> v7:  - Rebase on master 5e720da ("erspan: fix invalid erspan version.");
>       - Address Ilya comments;
>          - Fix non-DPDK build;
>          - Serialise the access of non pmds to allocation and free of mbufs by
>            using a newly introduced mutex.
>       - Add a new set of tests that integrates with the recently added DPDK
>         testsuite. These focus on allocating dp_packets, with a single or
>         multiple mbufs, from an instantiated mempool and performing several
>         operations on those, verifying if the data at the end matches what's
>         expected;
>       - Fix bugs found by the new tests:
>          - dp_packet_shift() wasn't taking into account shift lefts;
>          - dp_packet_resize__() was misusing and miscalculating the tailrooms
>            and headrooms, ending up calculating the wrong number of segments
>            that needed allocation;
>          - An mbuf's end was being miscalculated both in dp_packet_tail,
>            dp_packet_mbuf_tail() and dp_packet_end();
>          - dp_packet_set_size() was not updating the number of chained segments
>            'nb_segs';
>       - Add support for multi-seg mbufs in dp_packet_clear().
> v6:  - Rebase on master 7c0cb29 ("conntrack-tcp: Handle tcp session
>         reuse.");
>       - Further improve dp_packet_put_uninit() and dp_packet_shift() to
>         support multi-seg mbufs;
>       - Add support for multi-seg mbufs in dp_packet_l4_size() and
>         improve other helper funcs, such as dp_packet_tail() and dp_
>         packet_tailroom().
>       - Add support for multi-seg mbufs in dp_packet_put(), dp_packet_
>         put_zeros(), as well as dp_packet_resize__() - allocating new
>         mbufs and linking them together;
>       Restructured patchset:
>       - Squash patch 5 into patch 6, since they were both related to
>         copying data while handling multi-seg mbufs;
>       - Split patch 4 into two separate patches - one that introduces the
>         changes in helper functions to deal with multi-seg mbufs and
>         two others for the shift() and put_uninit() functionality;
>       - Move patch 4 to before patch 3, so that ihelper functions come
>         before functionality improvement that rely on those helpers.
> v5: - Rebased on master e5e22dc ("datapath-windows: Prevent ct-counters
>        from getting redundantly incremented");
>      - Sugesh's comments have been addressed:
>        - Changed dp_packet_set_data() and dp_packet_set_size() logic to
>          make them independent of each other;
>        - Dropped patch 3 now that dp_packet_set_data() and dp_packet_set_
>          size() are independent;
>        - dp_packet_clone_with_headroom() now has split functions for
>          handling DPDK sourced packets and non-DPDK packets;
>      - Modified various functions in dp-packet.h to account for multi-seg
>        mbufs - dp_packet_put_uninit(), dp_packet_tail(), dp_packet_tail()
>        and dp_packet_at();
>      - Added support for shifting packet data in multi-seg mbufs, using
>        dp_packet_shift();
>      - Fixed some minor inconsistencies.
>      Note that some of the changes in v5 have been contributed by Mark
>      Kavanagh as well.
> v4: - restructure patchset
>      - account for 128B ARM cacheline when sizing mbufs
> Mark Kavanagh (4):
>    netdev-dpdk: fix mbuf sizing
>    dp-packet: Init specific mbuf fields.
>    netdev-dpdk: copy large packet to multi-seg. mbufs
>    netdev-dpdk: support multi-segment jumbo frames
> Michael Qiu (1):
>    dp-packet: copy data from multi-seg. DPDK mbuf
> Tiago Lam (8):
>    dp-packet: Fix allocated size on DPDK init.
>    dp-packet: Fix data_len handling multi-seg mbufs.
>    dp-packet: Handle multi-seg mbufs in helper funcs.
>    dp-packet: Handle multi-seg mbufs in put*() funcs.
>    dp-packet: Handle multi-seg mubfs in shift() func.
>    netdev-dpdk: Serialise non-pmds mbufs' alloc/free.
>    dp-packet: Handle multi-seg mbufs in resize__().
>    dpdk-tests: Add test coverage for multi-seg mbufs.
>   NEWS                           |   1 +
>   lib/dp-packet.c                | 360 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
>   lib/dp-packet.h                | 328 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------
>   lib/dpdk.c                     |   7 +
>   lib/netdev-dpdk.c              | 211 +++++++++++++++++---
>   lib/netdev-dpdk.h              |   5 +
>   tests/automake.mk              |  10 +-
>   tests/dpdk-packet-mbufs.at     |   7 +
>   tests/system-dpdk-testsuite.at |   1 +
>   tests/test-dpdk-mbufs.c        | 434 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>   vswitchd/vswitch.xml           |  20 ++
>   11 files changed, 1262 insertions(+), 122 deletions(-)
>   create mode 100644 tests/dpdk-packet-mbufs.at
>   create mode 100644 tests/test-dpdk-mbufs.c

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