[ovs-dev] Q on vhost-user and virtio

Flavio Leitner fbl at sysclose.org
Fri Jun 8 13:06:14 UTC 2018

On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 05:09:46PM -0700, Ravi Kerur wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a use-case and I want to
> (1) create vhost-user ports on OVS-DPDK running on a host
> (2) in a container a dpdk-based application using virtio-user connecting to
> vhost-user ports via sockets.
> I looked at following 2 links from Intel which shows how-to configure
> vhost-user and virtio-user inside a VM and from OVS it's about just
> configuration.
> https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/set-up-open-vswitch-with-dpdk-on-ubuntu-server
> http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/intro/install/dpdk/
> Question: Above use case supported/tested?

If you are asking for a commercial product, then you should check
with your support representative instead.

Assuming you are talking about the upstream code, we support OVS
vhost-user side only, not the virtio-user as it is not part of OVS.


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