[ovs-dev] OVS (master) + DPDK(17.11) + multi-queue

Ravi Kerur rkerur at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 05:01:11 UTC 2018


I am using above configuration on my testbed and when I try to add a port
which is bound to igb_uio, I see following errors due to Tx queue
configuration. I just want to use single Tx and Rx queue for my testing. I
looked at Documentation/intro/install/dpdk.rst, i see only "DPDK Physical
Port Rx Queues" and nothing for "Tx Queues". Kindly let me know how can I
use single tx/rx queues and if I have to use multiple Tx queues what
configuration changes I need to do?

============ovs logs======================
2018-06-19T04:33:23.720Z|00075|bridge|INFO|ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch)
2018-06-19T04:33:32.735Z|00076|memory|INFO|127688 kB peak resident set size
after 10.1 seconds
2018-06-19T04:33:32.735Z|00077|memory|INFO|handlers:5 ports:1
revalidators:3 rules:5
2018-06-19T04:33:40.857Z|00078|rconn|INFO|br0<->unix#0: connected
2018-06-19T04:33:40.858Z|00079|rconn|INFO|br0<->unix#1: connected
2018-06-19T04:33:40.859Z|00080|rconn|INFO|br0<->unix#2: connected
2018-06-19T04:34:46.094Z|00081|dpdk|INFO|EAL: PCI device 0000:00:06.0 on
NUMA socket 0
2018-06-19T04:34:46.094Z|00082|dpdk|INFO|EAL:   probe driver: 1d0f:ec20
2018-06-19T04:34:46.095Z|00083|dpdk|INFO|PMD: eth_ena_dev_init():
Initializing 0:0:6.0
2018-06-19T04:34:46.095Z|00084|netdev_dpdk|INFO|Device '0000:00:06.0'
attached to DPDK
2018-06-19T04:34:46.099Z|00085|dpif_netdev|INFO|PMD thread on numa_id: 0,
core id:  0 created.
2018-06-19T04:34:46.099Z|00086|dpif_netdev|INFO|There are 1 pmd threads on
numa node 0
2018-06-19T04:34:46.105Z|00087|netdev_dpdk|WARN|Rx checksum offload is not
supported on port 0
2018-06-19T04:34:46.105Z|00088|dpdk|INFO|PMD: Set MTU: 1500
2018-06-19T04:34:46.106Z|00089|dpdk|ERR|PMD: Unsupported size of TX queue
(max size: 1024)
2018-06-19T04:34:46.106Z|00090|netdev_dpdk|INFO|Interface eth1 unable to
setup txq(0): Invalid argument
2018-06-19T04:34:46.106Z|00091|netdev_dpdk|ERR|Interface eth1(rxq:1 txq:2
lsc interrupt mode:false) configure error: Invalid argument
2018-06-19T04:34:46.106Z|00092|dpif_netdev|ERR|Failed to set interface eth1
new configuration
2018-06-19T04:34:46.106Z|00093|bridge|WARN|could not add network device
eth1 to ofproto (No such device)

ethtool -l eth1
Channel parameters for eth1:
Pre-set maximums:
RX:        128
TX:        128
Other:        0
Combined:    0
Current hardware settings:
RX:        8
TX:        8
Other:        0
Combined:    0

ovs-vsctl get  Open_vSwitch . other_config
{dpdk-extra="--file-prefix=host", dpdk-hugepage-dir="/dev/hugepages_1G",

ovs-vswitchd --version
ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.9.90
DPDK 17.11.2

ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . dpdk_version
"DPDK 17.11.2"

ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . dpdk_initialized


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