[ovs-dev] Automated robotic reply. Re: [ovs-dev, v2] dpdk: Support both shared and per port mempools.

0-day Robot robot at bytheb.org
Wed Jun 27 14:55:50 UTC 2018

Bleep bloop.  Greetings Ian Stokes, I am a robot and I have tried out your patch.
Thanks for your contribution.

I encountered some error that I wasn't expecting.  See the details below.

WARNING: Comment with 'xxx' marker
#506 FILE: lib/netdev-dpdk.c:591:
         * XXX: this is a really rough method of provisioning memory.

WARNING: Comment with 'xxx' marker
#519 FILE: lib/netdev-dpdk.c:604:
         * XXX: rough estimation of number of mbufs required for this port:

Lines checked: 891, Warnings: 2, Errors: 0

Please check this out.  If you feel there has been an error, please email aconole at bytheb.org

0-day Robot

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