[ovs-dev] Ovsdb delete bridge fails with "referential integrity violationDetails"

Serguei Bezverkhi (sbezverk) sbezverk at cisco.com
Tue Oct 2 11:17:04 UTC 2018


I am trying to use rpc to delete a bridge but the sequence fails with this error: " referential integrity violationDetails " , the create operations works perfectly fine though.

Here are the operations:

Transaction: [
{Op:delete Table:Bridge Row:map[] Rows:[] Columns:[] Mutations:[] Timeout:0 Where:[[name == test-1]] Until: UUIDName:} 
{Op:mutate Table:Open_vSwitch Row:map[] Rows:[] Columns:[] Mutations:[[bridges delete 0xc0002a21e0]] Timeout:0 Where:[[_uuid == {GoUUID:580f43bb-0896-4f31-b3f3-1aafe1a4ed58}]] Until: UUIDName:}] 

Failed with error: OVS Transaction failed err referential integrity violationDetails: cannot delete Bridge row 45dad59b-547e-4e1c-88d4-4923ba531492 because of 1 remaining reference(s) 

But as you can see show does not show any child objects for bridge "test-1".

kubectl exec nsm-ovs-daemon-b48nv -- ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "test-1"

Appreciate if somebody could comment which reference I would need to cleanup before I can delete the bridge?

Thank you

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