[ovs-dev] Ask for help about ovs datapath development

zhang hao zh_94 at outlook.com
Wed Oct 3 09:16:14 UTC 2018


My name is Zhanghao and I am a student major in software engineering of Tsinghua university. I am learning SDN and very interested in ovs. I want to do some contribution to it but meet some difficulties.

To be exactly, I want to add a new kind of flow, which may need process specially. So I think it needs to add a new attribute in the flow key, a new sw_flow to the flow table and maybe add a new attribute to sw_flow itself, and a new type action. But I find the user space program of ovs is too large and difficult for me. Can I achieve my idea just by modify the code in the datapath folder?

I will be very grateful for any reply.


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