[ovs-dev] Issues configuring OVS-DPDK in openstack queens

O Mahony, Billy billy.o.mahony at intel.com
Tue Oct 23 09:36:31 UTC 2018


I don't see any errors relating to the dpdk interfaces. But it is also not clear where the user-space drivers are bound and the hugepage memory is set up. So double check those two items.

Is the dpdk-p0 interface being attached to br-flat? Even if there are issues with the dpdk port the bridge should not be deleted (at least not automatically by OvS).

Can you confirm with 'ovs-vsctl show' that the br-flat is actually not present after the agent is restarted. And that the dpdk-p0 is not reporting an error.

What does the neutron-openmvswitch-agent logs say?

Also run ovsdb-tool -mmm show-log which might give a clue as to when and how br-flat is being modified.


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> Hello All,
> On a 3 node (one controller + 2 compute), we configured Openstack Queens
> using OSA with OVS. On all the nodes, we defined br-mgmt as linux bridge, br-
> tun as private network and br-flat as external.
> Installation was successful and we could create networks and instances on
> Openstack.
> Below are the versions of the OVS packages used on each node.
> Controller :- openstack-vswitch - 2.9.0
> Computes :- openstack-vswitch-dpdk - 2.9.0 (as we wanted to configure dpdk on
> the compute hosts)
> The openstack-vswitch-dpdk 2.9.0 package that we installed had dpdk version
> 17.11.3. When we tried to enable DPDK it failed with the below error.
> dpdk|ERR|DPDK not supported in this copy of Open vSwitch
> So, we downloaded the sources for dpdk 17.11.4 and openvswitch 2.9.2, built
> openvswitch with dpdk as suggested in the below official link.
> No issues on Openstack or OVS.
> http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/intro/install/dpdk/
> Then, we added the below parameters to OVS and everything looked ok.
> No issues in Openstack or OVS.
> $ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . other_config {dpdk-extra="-n 2", dpdk-init="true",
> dpdk-lcore-mask="0x300000000000", dpdk-socket-mem="4096,4096", pmd-
> cpu-mask="0xf00003c0000", vhost-iommu-support="true"}
> Then on the compute node, in openvswitch_agent.ini file - OVS section, I added
> the below (based on the link
> https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/pike/contributor/internals/ovs_vhostuser.h
> tml
> )
> and restarted neutron-openmvswitch-agent service.
> datapath_type=netdev
> vhostuser_socket_dir=/var/run/openvswitch
> After the above change, bridge br-flat is getting deleted from OVS.
> Attached are the logs after I restart the neutron-openmvswitch-agent service on
> the compute now. Not sure what the issue is.
> Can any of you please let me know if we are missing anything?
> Best Regards,

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