[ovs-dev] Issues configuring OVS-DPDK in openstack queens

O Mahony, Billy billy.o.mahony at intel.com
Tue Oct 23 12:14:00 UTC 2018

Hi Manojawa,

So is there any remaining entry br-flat entry in the ovsdb? Does it give any clue to the reason – there may be a free-form ‘status’ or ‘info’ field for that purpose.

I can understand the situation where a bridge might get incorrectly configured but I can’t understand why it is deleted by something other than the agent.

Maybe it tries to create the bridge, there is some error so it decides to delete it. Are there more detailed log levels available for the agent? You may be able to turn on more detailed logging for the bridge logging in OvS too.


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Hi Billy,

Thank you for your reply.

1. Huge pages are properly set. Based on the dpdk configuration dpdk-socket-mem="4096,4096", 8 pages were created under /dev/hugepages.
2. dpdk-p0 is not attached to br-flat1. Actually I defined the bridge as br-flat1.
3. Yes,  'ovs-vsctl show'  does not show br-flat1. As soon as I add the below entries in openvswitch-agent.ini and restart the neutron-openmvswitch-agent service, br-flat1 is getting deleted. I can see that in the ovs-vswitch logs and also in the output of "ovsdb-tool -mmm show-log"


4. I do not see any errors in then neutron-openvswitch-agent logs, except for the below which are displayed after the bridge is deleted.

ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.openvswitch.agent.ovs_neutron_agent [req-99a234e3-c943-4234-8c4d-f0fdc594df8f - - - - -] Bridge br-flat1 for physical network flat does not exist. Agent terminated!

Thanks & Regards,

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 3:06 PM O Mahony, Billy <billy.o.mahony at intel.com<mailto:billy.o.mahony at intel.com>> wrote:

I don't see any errors relating to the dpdk interfaces. But it is also not clear where the user-space drivers are bound and the hugepage memory is set up. So double check those two items.

Is the dpdk-p0 interface being attached to br-flat? Even if there are issues with the dpdk port the bridge should not be deleted (at least not automatically by OvS).

Can you confirm with 'ovs-vsctl show' that the br-flat is actually not present after the agent is restarted. And that the dpdk-p0 is not reporting an error.

What does the neutron-openmvswitch-agent logs say?

Also run ovsdb-tool -mmm show-log which might give a clue as to when and how br-flat is being modified.


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> Subject: [ovs-dev] Issues configuring OVS-DPDK in openstack queens
> Hello All,
> On a 3 node (one controller + 2 compute), we configured Openstack Queens
> using OSA with OVS. On all the nodes, we defined br-mgmt as linux bridge, br-
> tun as private network and br-flat as external.
> Installation was successful and we could create networks and instances on
> Openstack.
> Below are the versions of the OVS packages used on each node.
> Controller :- openstack-vswitch - 2.9.0
> Computes :- openstack-vswitch-dpdk - 2.9.0 (as we wanted to configure dpdk on
> the compute hosts)
> The openstack-vswitch-dpdk 2.9.0 package that we installed had dpdk version
> 17.11.3. When we tried to enable DPDK it failed with the below error.
> dpdk|ERR|DPDK not supported in this copy of Open vSwitch
> So, we downloaded the sources for dpdk 17.11.4 and openvswitch 2.9.2, built
> openvswitch with dpdk as suggested in the below official link.
> No issues on Openstack or OVS.
> http://docs.openvswitch.org/en/latest/intro/install/dpdk/
> Then, we added the below parameters to OVS and everything looked ok.
> No issues in Openstack or OVS.
> $ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . other_config {dpdk-extra="-n 2", dpdk-init="true",
> dpdk-lcore-mask="0x300000000000", dpdk-socket-mem="4096,4096", pmd-
> cpu-mask="0xf00003c0000", vhost-iommu-support="true"}
> Then on the compute node, in openvswitch_agent.ini file - OVS section, I added
> the below (based on the link
> https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/pike/contributor/internals/ovs_vhostuser.h
> tml
> )
> and restarted neutron-openmvswitch-agent service.
> datapath_type=netdev
> vhostuser_socket_dir=/var/run/openvswitch
> After the above change, bridge br-flat is getting deleted from OVS.
> Attached are the logs after I restart the neutron-openmvswitch-agent service on
> the compute now. Not sure what the issue is.
> Can any of you please let me know if we are missing anything?
> Best Regards,

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