[ovs-dev] Development branch pushed to master?

Ilya Maximets i.maximets at samsung.com
Tue Oct 30 12:25:19 UTC 2018

Hello Ben,

I assume that you pushed your development branch to the master.
There are a lot of not reviewed and "work in progress" patches.
Many of them doesn't have even a Sign-off and breaks a lot of
unit tests.

Current master looks like this:

* cb59ce30f 2018-10-29 | manpages: Include ovs.tmac in most man roots. (upstream/master) [Ilya Maximets]

   ^--- My patch. OK. Reviewed.

* c2ab9948b 2015-07-06 | Add oftest tests to testsuite. [Ben Pfaff]
* 0f8ab4e4b 2018-09-27 | netdev-dummy: Implement queue stats. [Ben Pfaff]
* 79de2c37b 2015-05-24 | Implement emergency flow cache. [Ben Pfaff]
* b157e9214 2015-05-25 | Preserve priorities for OF1.0 exact-match flows. [Ben Pfaff]
* 51809c1d7 2015-07-29 | ofproto-dpif: Make barriers more effective. [Ben Pfaff]
* 40dff9ede 2015-07-04 | ofproto-dpif-upcall: Increment dump_seq before instead of after dump. [Ben Pfaff]

  ^--- Bunch of patches that never(?) was on mail-list.
       Some of them breaks a lot of unit test.
       Most of them has no Sign-off's.

* 51643ee47 2018-10-09 | ofproto: Don't always treat passive controllers as "equal". [Ben Pfaff]
* d51e5b1a2 2018-10-26 | vswitchd: Allow user to configure controllers as "primary" or "service". [Ben Pfaff]
* f58e3cec2 2018-10-24 | connmgr: Make treatment of active and passive connections more uniform. [Ben Pfaff]
* f122a5b87 2018-10-24 | connmgr: Improve interface for setting controllers. [Ben Pfaff]
* b7e77e073 2018-10-29 | rconn: New function rconn_is_reliable(). [Ben Pfaff]
* 53348f4b0 2018-10-25 | connmgr: Modernize coding style. [Ben Pfaff]

  ^--- Bunch of just submitted to mail-list patches. Not reviewed yet, I guess.

I think, that we need to revert at least the second group of patches, because
they're breaking the tests and, probably, the functionality.
Not sure about the third group, but they needs to be reviewed.

Force-push is also an option, probably.

Best regards, Ilya Maximets.

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