[ovs-dev] Call Center Services for H&W Gateway International Inc

Emily Kirkland emily at callcenters.website
Wed Aug 14 18:10:53 UTC 2019


My name is Emily and I am with CallCenters,
a service that compares quotes for Call Centers.
Call Centers can be leveraged for Customer Support,
scheduling appointments and increasing sales in many industries.
Handle all your customer calls in a professional manner
and generate sales utilizing qualified salespeople.

In order to compose a Quote or proposal,
please provide the following information :

* Full Name
* Company Name
* Phone number
* Postal code
* What type of coverage are you looking for?
* How many monthly calls do you anticipate?

I encourage you to check our pricing by replying to this email.

Best regards,
Emily Kirkland
Call Center Specialist
Emily at CallCenters.website

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