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Sat Aug 17 03:12:05 UTC 2019


I have gotten another business opportunity from one of my old friend
while in school; I decided to inform you about this because he was not
able to secure an urgent visa to travel and he need our assistance so
that he can give us 20% upon conclusion of the project. He has agreed
to compensate both of us with 20% of the total $25 million upon
conclusion of the project with 10-14 days. He is from a very wealthy
and responsible family and he does not need any financial support from
both of us. He is taking of every expense till the project is
completed in Hong-Kong.

Your duty here is to travel and pick up an active solution cleaning
chemical from Holland and deliver it to Hong-Kong so that experts can
use it to clean the $ 25,000,000.00 USD belonging to the family of my
friend Remy and they will compensate both of us with 20% of the $25
million USD fund as our commission. They brought some of the active
solution cleaning chemical from South Africa last month; they have
brought it before the cleaning experts found out that it did not match
with the cleaning because of the incubator machine they are using for
the cleaning.

Remy’s late father was former deputy Finance Minister and Economic
Planning in the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire during the regime of former
President Laurent Gbagbo. He let me know that before the civil war
began in their Country in 2011; his late father has already made a
deposit of Twenty five Million United States of America dollars ($
25,000,000.00) in a private security company in Hong-Kong for Safe
Keeping and family investment purpose.

Their late father hired an expert that defaced the money into a Black
Coded Form, this enabled his late father to move the fund to Hong-Kong
during the war time because banks are closed due to the conflicts,
they have purchased some of needed cleaning chemical from a company in
South Africa last month for the cleaning before the experts discover
that it cannot work for the cleaning. At last the Experts referred
Remy to another chemical company in Holland where they have paid for
the right Activate Solution cleaning chemical which will enable the
experts clean the fund to them.

Your assignment here is to travel to Holland and pick up the new
active solution cleaning chemical to enable the experts start the
cleaning work in Hong-Kong by next week.  I want you to make yourself
available to travel and pick up the new active solution cleaning
chemical and deliver to the experts in Hong-Kong so that after the
cleaning my friend Remy will pay us the 20% commission as I agreed
with him and both of us can share it equal.

Mr. Remy have already paid the sum of "One Hundred and Sixty Thousand
United States of American Dollars" US $ 160,000.00 to the chemical
company in Holland for the cost of the new Activate Solution cleaning
chemical, but due to my health and visa problem I am unable to
complete the assignment hence I want to know if you can be available
to assist and complete the delivery for us to receive the 20%
commission which is sum of ($5,000,000.00)

Kindly let me know if you will be able to make the trip for the family
so that I can link you up with my friend Remy for final discussion to
enable you travel and pick up the cleaning chemical and deliver it to
Hong-Kong to enable the experts start the cleaning within next week.
And Remy will take care of your travel cost and will pay our
commission either by cashier check or certified bank draft upon
conclusion of the cleaning process in Hong-Kong.

Meanwhile I stated my terms and conditions as follow:

1. Mr. Remy will buy your flight tickets and send money for your basic
travel allowance before you fly to Holland. And he will take care of
your hotel accommodation and feedings both in Holland and in Hong-Kong
till the cleaning is completed and we get our commission paid to us
through certified bank draft or cashier cheque.

2. When you arrive to Hong-Kong, the experts will meet you to receive
the chemical and before you hand over the chemical to the cleaning
experts you will receive the sum of $ 1000 which will enable you take
care of your accommodation and feedings until the cleaning process is
completed within 48 hours and to receive our commission.

Please, I need an urgent answer from you if you are interested so I
can link you to my friend Remy who is owner of the project so we can
proceed immediately. We are going to sign MOU agreement with him
before you take up the assignment

Thanks and I will be glad to receive your confirmation message

Mr.  ………………….. John Duggan

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