[ovs-dev] [PATCH v3] datapath: compat: Backports bugfixes for nf_conncount

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Wed Aug 28 23:06:57 UTC 2019

On Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 03:25:33PM -0700, Yifeng Sun wrote:
> This patch backports several critical bug fixes related to
> locking and data consistency in nf_conncount code.
> This backport is based on the following upstream net-next upstream commits.
> a007232 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: fix argument order to find_next_bit")
> c80f10b ("netfilter: nf_conncount: speculative garbage collection on empty lists")
> 2f971a8 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: move all list iterations under spinlock")
> df4a902 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: merge lookup and add functions")
> e8cfb37 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: restart search when nodes have been erased")
> f7fcc98 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: split gc in two phases")
> 4cd273b ("netfilter: nf_conncount: don't skip eviction when age is negative")
> c78e781 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: replace CONNCOUNT_LOCK_SLOTS with CONNCOUNT_SLOTS")
> d4e7df1 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: use rb_link_node_rcu() instead of rb_link_node()")
> 53ca0f2 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: remove wrong condition check routine")
> 3c5cdb1 ("netfilter: nf_conncount: fix unexpected permanent node of list.")
> 31568ec ("netfilter: nf_conncount: fix list_del corruption in conn_free")
> fd3e71a ("netfilter: nf_conncount: use spin_lock_bh instead of spin_lock")
> This patch adds additional compat code so that it can build on
> all supported kernel versions.

I think that our most common approach is to use one OVS commit to
backport one Linux kernel commit.  This commit combines many Linux
kernel commits.  Is that an intentional change in this case?

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