[ovs-dev] [PATCH] ovn-northd: Fix the ovn-northd continous looping

nusiddiq at redhat.com nusiddiq at redhat.com
Fri Jul 12 17:50:00 UTC 2019

From: Numan Siddique <nusiddiq at redhat.com>

ovn-northd wakes up continuously from poll_block(). This issue can be reproduced
in the sandbox with the below commands

ovn-nbctl lr-add lr0
ovn-nbctl ls-add public
ovn-nbctl lrp-add lr0 lr0-public 00:00:20:20:12:13
ovn-nbctl lsp-add public public-lr0
ovn-nbctl lsp-set-type public-lr0 router
ovn-nbctl lsp-set-addresses public-lr0 router
ovn-nbctl lsp-set-options public-lr0 router-port=lr0-public
ovn-nbctl lrp-set-gateway-chassis lr0-public chassis-1 20

This issue is seen after the commit [1], which makes use of the function -
sbrec_port_binding_update_nat_addresses_addvalue() to add a value to
Port_Binding.nat_addresses column.

Looks like the IDL client code is sending the transactions to the ovsdb-server repeatedly
to update the Port_Binding.nat_addresses even though the Southbound DB has updated
the column when this function is used. The actual bug seems to be in the IDL client code
and that needs to be fixed. This patch as a quick fix, fixes ovn-northd's continuous loop
by not using this function, instead making use of sbrec_port_binding_set_nat_addresses().

The below messages are seen continuously when the ovn-nortdh debug logs are enabled.


2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74512|jsonrpc|DBG|unix:sb1.ovsdb: received reply,
result=[{},{"count":1},{"count":1}], id=18628
2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74513|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to 0-ms timeout at ../lib/ovsdb-idl.c:5397 (75% CPU usage)
2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74514|jsonrpc|DBG|unix:sb1.ovsdb: send request,
method="transact", params=["OVN_Southbound",{"lock":"ovn_northd","op":"assert"},
"insert",["set",["00:00:20:20:12:13 is_chassis_resident(\"cr-lr0-public\")"]]]],
"where":[["_uuid","==",["uuid","56a9eb75-8d3b-4144-b4e7-1bb749645011"]]],"op":"mutate","table":"Port_Binding"}], id=18629

2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74516|jsonrpc|DBG|unix:sb1.ovsdb: received reply, result=[{},{"count":1},{"count":1}], id=18629
2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74517|poll_loop|DBG|wakeup due to 0-ms timeout at ../lib/ovsdb-idl.c:5397 (75% CPU usage)
2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74518|jsonrpc|DBG|unix:sb1.ovsdb: send request,
method="transact", params=["OVN_Southbound",{"lock":"ovn_northd","op":"assert"},
"56a9eb75-8d3b-4144-b4e7-1bb749645011"]]],"op":"mutate","table":"Port_Binding"}], id=18630
2019-07-12T17:26:13.837Z|74520|jsonrpc|DBG|unix:sb1.ovsdb: received reply, result=[{},{"count":1},{"count":1}], id=18630

The OpenStack CI tests for networking-ovn is frequently failing few tests after this
commit. The failure seems to be related to timing issues as ovn-northd is hogging
the CPU continuously. We are also seeing travis CI test failures after this commit.

[1] - ed198fb3b92e

Fixes: ed198fb3b92e("ovn: Send GARP for the router ports with reside-on-redirect-chassis options set")
Signed-off-by: Numan Siddique <nusiddiq at redhat.com>
 ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c | 19 ++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c b/ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c
index ce382ac89..127227712 100644
--- a/ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c
+++ b/ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c
@@ -2530,13 +2530,6 @@ ovn_port_update_sbrec(struct northd_context *ctx,
-            sbrec_port_binding_set_nat_addresses(op->sb,
-                                                 (const char **) nats, n_nats);
-            for (size_t i = 0; i < n_nats; i++) {
-                free(nats[i]);
-            }
-            free(nats);
             /* Add the router mac and IPv4 addresses to
              * Port_Binding.nat_addresses so that GARP is sent for these
              * IPs by the ovn-controller on which the distributed gateway
@@ -2578,10 +2571,18 @@ ovn_port_update_sbrec(struct northd_context *ctx,
-                sbrec_port_binding_update_nat_addresses_addvalue(
-                    op->sb, ds_cstr(&garp_info));
+                n_nats++;
+                nats = xrealloc(nats, (n_nats * sizeof *nats));
+                nats[n_nats - 1] = ds_steal_cstr(&garp_info);
+            sbrec_port_binding_set_nat_addresses(op->sb,
+                                                 (const char **) nats, n_nats);
+            for (size_t i = 0; i < n_nats; i++) {
+                free(nats[i]);
+            }
+            free(nats);
         sbrec_port_binding_set_parent_port(op->sb, op->nbsp->parent_name);

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