[ovs-dev] OVS and DPI(Classifiers)

Ravi Kerur rkerur at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 23:29:45 UTC 2019


I am sending this email to gauge if OVS team or community using OVS would
be interested in this effort. I read some discussions which had happened
couple of years back with OVS and Qosmos integration and at least it looked
like OVS team didn't approve of it. I just want to restart it but with
OVS+DPDK and all open source libraries and check if it makes sense.

I have integrated open source classifiers(aka DPI) nDPI and JOY (from
Cisco) libraries into OVS+DPDK. Salient points

(1) Follows same model as OVS+DPDK integration i.e. user can choose
classifiers with '--with-ndpi' and '--with-joy' option during configuration
(2) nDPI and JOY are launched on non-PMD cores so the data path performance
is not impacted
(3) Packets coming into DPDK Rx path is reference counted and sent to nDPI
and JOY via intercore rings
(4) nDPI and JOY results are then made available to the control plane to
act on it
(5) Tested on AWS t3.2xlarge and both UDP and TCP hits 5Gbps for 512 and
above packet size


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