[ovs-dev] [PATCH v14 0/5] dpcls func ptrs & optimizations

Ian Stokes ian.stokes at intel.com
Thu Jul 18 14:30:14 UTC 2019

On 7/18/2019 2:03 PM, Harry van Haaren wrote:
> Hey Folks,
> Here a v14 of the DPCLS Function Pointer patchset, as has been
> presented at OVS Conf in Nov '18, and discussed on the ML since then.
> I'm aware of the soft-freeze for 2.12, I feel this patchset has had
> enough reviews/versions/testing to be merged in 2.12.
> Thanks Ilya for input and suggestions on v13. Only change is that
> the implementation of the blocks array memory allocation is now
> using DEFINE_PER_THREAD_MALLOCED_DATA() macro, allowing for proper
> de-allocation of the allocated memory after a thread exits.
> Regards, -Harry

Thanks Harry for the v14. Just testing it and it seems in good shape to me.

Thanks Ilya for the suggestions around the per thread allocation for 
scratch as well, this feedback has helped and is resolving multithread 
issues spotted in the earlier series.

I feel the patchset is now in a state that it should be considered for 
the 2.12 release.

We've had testing from a number of groups over the series (Red Hat, Arm, 
Intel, Samsung) with positive results across the board.

It also opens up opportunities for further improving the dpcls in the 
2.13 release next year.

As such I think it's worth an exception to merge before Mondays feature 
freeze so that it benefits from the 4 week settling period before release.

Are there any objections to this?


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