[ovs-dev] [PATCHv18] netdev-afxdp: add new netdev type for AF_XDP.

Ilya Maximets i.maximets at samsung.com
Fri Jul 19 14:54:54 UTC 2019

On 18.07.2019 23:11, William Tu wrote:
> The patch introduces experimental AF_XDP support for OVS netdev.
> AF_XDP, the Address Family of the eXpress Data Path, is a new Linux socket
> type built upon the eBPF and XDP technology.  It is aims to have comparable
> performance to DPDK but cooperate better with existing kernel's networking
> stack.  An AF_XDP socket receives and sends packets from an eBPF/XDP program
> attached to the netdev, by-passing a couple of Linux kernel's subsystems
> As a result, AF_XDP socket shows much better performance than AF_PACKET
> For more details about AF_XDP, please see linux kernel's
> Documentation/networking/af_xdp.rst. Note that by default, this feature is
> not compiled in.
> Signed-off-by: William Tu <u9012063 at gmail.com>

Thanks, William, Eelco and Ben!

I fixed couple of things and applied to master!

List of changes:
* Dropped config.h from headers.
* Removed double increment of 'util_xalloc' coverage counter in xmalloc_size_align().
* Fixed style of a couple of comments.
* Renamed underscored functions from netdev-afxdp-pool.c to be more OVS-style.
  Ex.: __umem_elem_pop_n --> umem_elem_pop_n__

Best regards, Ilya Maximets.

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