[ovs-dev] OVN Mailing list and patch submission

Mark Michelson mmichels at redhat.com
Tue Jul 30 18:08:06 UTC 2019


Now that the OVN repo is created and new OVN changes are being targeted 
for it, it seems like a good idea to bring up the topic of creating a 
mailing list for OVN again. Would it be possible to get a new OVN 
mailing list?

A subject that goes hand-in-hand with a new mailing list is patch 
submission for OVN. We can continue to use e-mail like we have with OVS, 
we could use github pull requests, or we could be permissive and allow 
for either (my preference). What are people's thoughts here? For e-mail 
patch submissions, it would be swell if we could have 0-day robot work 
for the OVN project the same as it does for OVS. What would we need to 
do to ensure that this is possible?

Mark Michelson

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