[ovs-dev] From: William Johnson.

William Johnson test at premiumcard.net
Sat Jan 4 01:42:25 UTC 2020


Thank you for lending me your timeand as you may wish to know,I am the accounts updating officer with a leading bank
 here in London United Kingdom and the transaction is about an abandoned fund with us here hence I have perfected 
every arrangement to pull the funds totalling the sum of 29.9M British Pound Sterling into your account and it will take
 10 official working days for the funds to reflect in the account you will provide for the transfer as all the arrangements has
 been completed for a successful remittance into your account from the day I receive your reply with your details as stated

The payment has been in our records for a very long time as abandoned and on further investigations as the 
accounts officer,I discovered that the customer did not write any name as his next of kin during the account
 opening and on further inquiry,I was made to understand that the customer died on 17 March 2008 and the
 account has not been serviced since then  hence the rules is that after a period of 10yrs any abandoned funds 
should be taken to Her Majesty's Treasury Department and it will be ten years this fund has been abandoned
 this November hence I want to move the funds out to your account before the end of September 2019 before 
the management will discover that the customer is dead and that the account has been inoperative for 10 years
 hence you should forward the following asap:

1. Your full name and address
2. Your telephone numbers including your mobile number
3. Your bank name and address,swift/iban number,and your account number.
4. Your International passport/Driver's license for identification.

I will prepare an indemnity form on your name as the next of kin to the late account owner which the approval 
will begin from my department as the accounts updating officer and with the above details the funds will be released 
into your account within 10 working days as I expect your response with above request to proceed thank you.


William Johnson.

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