[ovs-dev] [PATCH v1 ovn 0/1] Forwarding group to load balance l2 traffic with liveness detection

Manoj Sharma manoj.sharma at nutanix.com
Sat Jan 11 01:01:06 UTC 2020

Thank you for the review Numan.

On 1/8/20, 11:14 PM, "Numan Siddique" <numans at ovn.org> wrote:
    Hi Manoj,
    Thanks for the patch. I didn't look into the complete patch. I have
    initial few comments.
    The patch fails to compile when --enable-Werror and --enable-sparse
    are enabled during configuration.
I sent the v2 that has the fix for the compilation issue. 

    Can you please include the description in Patch 0 in the actual patch
    commit message ?
    The commit message in the patch doesn't have much details.

    In your above description, does the logical switch (with logical ports
    lsp1 and lsp2) has a localnet port ?

It does not matter if the switch has localnet port or not. You are only putting
the logical switch ports in an openflow group so that traffic can be load balanced
across them.
    I am confused how the packet goes out of the logical switch to the
    external network ?
    Does lsp1 and lsp2 bound to any VM/VIF ?
    From the test case you have written I see that lsp21 and lsp22 are
    part of forward group and they
    have VIF ports as well. So the packet destined to the VIP will be
    delivered to one of the VIF ?
    And the VIF/VM takes care of sending the traffic to external routers ?

We can model an external router as an OVN chassis. For HA, you will need more than one external router
and bind the lsp1 and lsp2 to these chassis (lsp1 <> chassis1, lsp2 <> chassis2). If we want 
to load balance across these external routers then just send the traffic to the VIP.

Since I also wanted to include --liveness in the unit tests, I put the VIFs, bound to lsp1 and lsp2, 
on different hypervisors so that there is a tunnel interface from the source hypervisor to these
two VIFs. For liveness, you need BFD running on the tunnel interface. 


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