[ovs-dev] Dear Valued Customer,

Heng Colver colhusseinharmush53 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 12:10:15 UTC 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

How are you today? You will be surprise as i am writing this letter to
you because you dont know me.I am a senior Banker here in ECO BANK
NIG. PLC. I came across your file after been transferred from our head
office to our regional office to replace the foreign Operation
Director who just died recently on Covid-19 complication. May his Soul
Rest in Peace.

After going through your file, i find out that you have an outstanding
Contract payment to the sum of 10.5 Million USD, with an accrual
interest agreement of 6.7%, which has been in effect for the past
years. I also went further to verify the account and it came to my
notice that the account is now dormant. Considering the new law passed
by Government parliament on dormant accounts and also considering all
the problem that you encountered in the past on the process of getting
this fund released to you, i decided to contact you to avoid
Government authorities making use of this fund.The Government made a
statement during this Covid-19 pandemic that all funds that had been
in dormant account for more than 5 years will be used for humanitarian
services including treatment of infected persons during this pandemic
if not claimed within 21 days by the beneficiary.

I am doing everything in my own capability to process an ATM CARD from
the Bank which will be fully loaded  with the funds to be delivered to
you or alternatively move the fund via united nations humanitarian
cargo shipment in cash as soon as i hear from you. This is why you
should respond urgently for more guideline on how this fund will get
to you safely and also keep the detail very confidential because i
don't want any thing that will dent my name or have my reputation
tarnished here in the Bank.I am doing this to help you receive this
fund before government lays hand on it. Delaying is dangerous at this
time because the Government are in desperate need to source fund to
fight this covid-19 pandemic. Give me a direct number to reach you
quickly.Also email me on directly email (hengcelver002 at gmail.com ) for
guideline on how i can assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you as quickly as possible.

Dr.Heng Colver

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