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Dr. Hamza Ibrahim salam333355 at aol.fr
Wed Jun 10 12:35:58 UTC 2020

Av.Bernardino Caballero.
 Casi Piribebuy Bo San Pablo .
 Presidente Franco.
 Tel: 00595-61-572263
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 Dear Friend,

 How are you doing today, I hope you haven't forgotten me? I am Dr. Hamza  Ibrahim, the former director at the bank of Africa (BOA) Ouagadougou,  Burkina Faso over there in West Africa, who has contacted you sometime ago to  assist me in order to secure the release of a deceased customer's fund into  your bank account.

 Though, you weren't able to assist me up to the conclusion stage in that  transaction by then, I am very much happy to inform you about my success in  getting the fund transferred under the assistance, and co-operation of a new  partner from Paraguay. Presently, I am in Paraguay for investment projects  with my share of the total sum.

 Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts, and attempts to assist me on  the transferring of the fund, and I makes sure that you aren't left behind  or out from the benefits of the transaction. Hence, I have kept aside for
 you the total sum of: $675,000 (Six hundred, and seventy-five thousand,  Usa-dollarsin the 'CHASHIER'S CHEQUE'.

 My new partner and I have agreed to compensate you with that above said  amount for all your past efforts, and attempt to assist me in that past  successful matters. I have appreciated your kind efforts at that time very  much, so feel very free to contact the bank's secretary via her below email  address, and the name of the secretary of the (BOA) is: MRS. CAROLINA  ILBOUDOU.

 And make sure that you instructed her on how to send the 'CHASHIER'S CHEQUE'  to you, and please do let me know immediately you receives the 'CHASHIER'S  CHEQUE' so that we can share the joy together after all the stress at those  past times ago.

 At the moment, am very busy here in Paraguay because of the investment  projects of which my partner, and I were having at hands presently, and  finally remember that I had left an instruction to the secretary of the

 Therefore, as soonest as you contacts her for the said 'CHASHIER'S CHEQUE'  to be sent to you, she will surely send the 'CHASHIER'S CHEQUE' to you.  Below is the contact of the secretary of the (BOA) Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso  over there in West Africa .

 Contact this below person immediately for your cheque:-

 Secretary of the (BOA),
 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
 Email Address:
 caro.ilboudouu at outlook.fr

 Yours good friend,
 Dr. Hamza Ibrahim

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